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Xbox Series S (White) + 24 Month Game Pass Ultimate Bundle $499 Delivered @ Spark


Pretty good price with free delivery and with the option of interest free payments
Looks like Game Pass Ultimate alone is worth $21.95 p/m - $526.80 for 24 months

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    This is what they should have been doing 2 years ago. Bundle in gamepass with the series s to lure people in to their platform and then keep them there.

    It's great value that in theory for $500 you can get 2 years of all your gaming. If you only buy 2.5 big games a year you'll spend less here than just the games elsewhere.

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    is this the 512GB model? cant find info on the page

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      Pretty sure it will be the 512gb, the 1Tb is black.

      • Ah cool thanks. :)

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    ultimate pass would be on my id or on the console? any one has experience. if it is on id then can I be able to sell the console separately?

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      Like other subscription , it goes with your account

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      The previous time Spark had this deal they included a 24 month Ultimate code in the box, that you could then sell separately. Going rate for the 24 month card was around $100-150 on trademe. Last year they were giving away this bundle with contracts

    • Gamepass will be tied to whatever account you activate it in. If all you want is gamepass minus the console there's far cheaper means of getting hold of it without the risk of trying to sell a second hand series s.

      If you purchase gamepass core (previously Xbox live gold) you can stack up 3 years of it and convert all of that to 2 years of gamepass ultimate. Not sure I'm the going rate at the moment but the core memberships can be had quite cheap from cd keys or eneba. Even cheaper if you're willing to go down the route of a vpn. It's not unheard of to get it for $150 for the 2 years.

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    Thanks OP. Bought one.

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    PS5 has been outselling Xbox S/X 5:1 in the US this year and theres been decent discounts on xbox skus, surprised not much has been offered here until now.

    • Its more expensive now then 2 years ago for series s

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    I have been playing quite a lot my xbox lately. Lots of good games coming on Game Pass.
    I'm just using my PS5 now for the exclusives.

  • If you could ,go for X Series.way more better

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      It's better but with gamepass it will cost double this deal. That's assuming you get the best value gamepass conversion using gamepass core codes from another region. Personally I couldn't justify the $250 more to play the same games on gamepass I already had so definitely wouldn't pay double. For casual players the series S is a great box.

  • Since when did series s start at 500 bux? It was 400 or so last year at the warehouse but now 549

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      Post some proof?

      • Search Cheapies, $399

        • That's on special not everyday price

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            @quote: It was around 400 of the retail price during the lockdown time, at the time X series was always out of stock

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        Proof? Yeah because I screen shot the price of consoles from a year back.. . Idk where you been because it was 449 bux for well over a year.

        But since you wanna know it was 360 bucks at the cheapest last year in april

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      its launch price was $549RRP in Nov 2020

      • So no movement really

        • Sure, the PS5 by comparison went from $719 to $799 etc iirc.

  • Has anyine seen any good deals for controllers?

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    Almost tempting just for the Game Pass Ultimate since I've had it since it came out and with the conversion rate being like 3:1 with 12 month codes its not really worth it that way anymore and rumours with a price increase being talked about with COD coming to the service, having a locked 2 years in could be worth it in the long run.

    Just don't have too much use for a Series S.

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      looks like the rumours were true, black ops 6 is coming to game pass, makes this deal even better for people on the fence

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    Purchased one thanks to the poster. Spark said the 24 months is linked to the Xbox series number. Doesn’t sound right? I expected to get a voucher code or similar and assign it to my account. We only got the Xbox box itself, feels like I should have got a voucher for game pass

    • I think it is right. We bought one last year with a 3 month code (i think, may have been longer) and it automatically prompted to redeem when we turned on the console.

      • Could you extend an existing account or delay the redemption until a later date?

        • Really too long ago to remember sorry. But I didn't have a subscription at the time so just kicked it off right then.

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      Last year the card was inside the box beside the console

    • Have you received it / did it come with a code? Or was it console locked

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        I got one. Thank you OP! The 24 month redeem code is on a black card in the box, nothing on the card mentions anything about it being locked to the console/ linked to the xbox series number as far as I can tell. I haven't used mine yet and the console hasn't prompted me to redeem anything. I noticed someone was selling the same black 24 month game pass card on trademe so my guess is that they all should come with the card in the box like mine.

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    Tempting to get the game pass and have another box to use on the spare room TV to replace the aging one S

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