Hainan Airlines: Auckland to London, United Kingdom from $1445 Return [May to June] @ Beat That Flight


Following up on the incredible prices to China yesterday from $408 Return, I found some epic prices to London on the same airline. Considered one of the few 5-star airlines, it'll be a comfortable way to travel all the way to Europe! (Far better than my poor 6ft brother who did that trip on Scoot Airlines, where the legroom is….not great).

Anyway, found some examples below.

Auckland to London on Hainan Airlines

Dates: 20 May 24 - 30 Jun 24

Return Price Travel Dates
$1445 26 May to 5 Jun
$1445 26 May to 12 Jun
$1474 26 May to 14 Jun
$1445 26 May to 17 Jun
$1474 26 May to 19 Jun
$1459 2 Jun to 12 Jun
$1459 2 Jun to 17 Jun

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    Are prices low for all of Europe?

    I'm looking to get to Piedmont with a stopover in Beijing in mid - late August.

    I'm looking to go from Auckland > Beijing (stay for a few days) > Piedmont, one way

    • I had to look up to where Piedmont is!

      Not too sure on Italy prices with stops in China, layovers aren't really my thing :/ However you can go to https://bookings.beatthatflight.com.au/ and choose multi-city and that way play with dates and see what it looks like with a layover!

      • Hi, thanks for your reply. I've been doing that, but I don't really know what I'm looking at. The prices seem the same for a return vs a one-way!
        When I set the search for a smaller airport, it doesn't even return any searches, so I have to set it to Milan or Turin but I am not sure how I am then supposed to get to a small airport with my luggage. I have been planning for my OE in Europe. Easier said than done nowadays.

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          You can also try Skyscanner or Google Flights, similar functionality.

          Trains and buses in Italy are plentiful, so shouldn't have too much difficulty getting from A to B from a bigger airport.

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          One easier way would be to look at a low-tax airport in Europe. Fortunately for you, Milan and Rome are often on this list (I flew out of Venice once because the taxes on top of points were minimal too).

          So maybe look at flights to Milan (you could do Turin too but Milan has way more connections) and then the trains in Italy are fantastic, so it's a cheap train/bus ticket across into the Piedmont area: https://www.rome2rio.com/map/Milan/Turin

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          Hey Bill, I have been to Milan a few times. Your best bet would be fly to Miland, take the train into Milan Centrale and then take the train to Piedmont. It will be as much of a hassle as flying with out the cost. Domestic flights in Europe can be cheap but taking bags costs a good chunk. Just as a tip if the train to a city in Europe is less than 6 hours it's easier than taking a flight, you save on baggage fees, taxis to/from airports, you get bigger seats and often a meal is included on longer trips

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    That's a great price! Hoping to get something for mid to late August for London! Been looking but can't find anything good :(

    • School holdiays in August and summer in uk, be a bit more sadly

  • Any recommendations on when might be a good time for booking flights to the UK around March/April 2025 @beatthatflight? Thank you :)

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      Start looking around ~9 months out to get a good idea of what prices look like, then wait for a sale. One thing to be careful of is of course the school holidays and Easter in mid-late April, which could drive up prices around then.

      • Appreciate the feedback and I’ll keep that in mind, thank you.

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