Eufy S350 from AliExpress


Not sure if anyone could help with this.

I purchased some S350 cameras on Aliexpress, it came with a EU USB A adapter. Is it alright to use a travel adapter or would something like this suffice?…


  • Using a travel adapter would be fine, as would any USB wall adapter that supplies adequate current (you'd need to check the requirements of the camera and find an adapter that meets or exceeds them).

    Do you have the link to the AliExpress product page? Seems like the official Eufy store doesn't ship here.

    • Thanks, would the adapter I linked be fine? the adapter that came with it is: Input 100-240V, 50/60hz 0.35A max - Output 5.0V 2.0A 10W

      Link to camera below from the official Eufy store…

      I managed to get them when they were $105 NZD.

      • Interesting, that link says that it won't ship to my location (NZ). Maybe they changed it since you bought?

        According to the specs here that should do it.

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          Says the same for me now.

        • Its changed now, it says shipping is available to NZ - $127 at the moment though.

          • @Lieutenantdave: I must have missed their NZ window again, it's back to being unable to ship here. Thanks for the update though!

            • @ABCDEFG: Yea no worries, just check once a day. There was also no limit to order at that price. When it was $105 I could only order one per account. Still beats NZ price of $350 for one camera

            • @ABCDEFG: Mine still says delivery to NZ available.

  • I only ordered a week and a bit ago. It shipped very quick got some reason.

    Sweet thanks for your help

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    buy a usb adapter that is rated higher than what you need. sometimes the cheap or off brand adapters aren't able to supply their own rated current.

    you need 2A, so theoretically 2.4A should be fine, but i would consider a 3A or 5A option.

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    A lot of the eufy stuff seems to occasionally say "Won't ship to NZ" I find if you wait a day or 2 it changes again.

    • Cheers for this, helpful to know.

  • Can anyone tell me if eufy requires upnp for remote connections? And if homebase 3 is compatible with apple homekit?

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      Not sure on upnp as I never configured that anywhere. And I believe it is disabled in my router(not sure). About apple homekit, I think that's more to do with which camera you have. Don't think there is any setting for homebase 3 as far as I can see in mine. Only indoor pan&tilt has got homekit setting for me.

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