If you cancel your Amex do you keep your airpoints?

Anyone had any experience with this on the airports Amex card?

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  • You keep them BUT if you have non-expiring airpoints dollars as a benefit of the card then any points that were due to expire may expire after some period. Unsure.

  • Yes, you do keep them, but as above they may change from non-expiring to expiring points. Interestingly I cancelled my card once while in airpoints debt, and this was allowed. YMMV.

  • Thanks good to know

  • Yes you do.

    See if they offer you any retention airpoints.

    • That’s what I’m planning to do - but if they don’t take my bluff want to know I’m covered

      • I tried yesterday, they didn't give a flying fook haha

        • You mean they don't try and offer retentions any more?

          • @Coolbro: Yes, I mean they said we don't offer anything, this is the price of the card. They don't care if you're leaving, they've not been given any authority to offer anything. This may be unique to NZ customers, I'm not sure.

            • @Jexla: Damn - was good while it lasted…

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