Adobe Creative Cloud Deal from 2023 - What Will Happen in June?


Last June there was a deal for the Adobe Creative Cloud for $6.85 for a year:

Does anyone know what will happen when it renews? Do you think we will be charged a similar (or slightly lower) price based on the Lebanese pound or will they charge us the full price in NZD? There's mixed messages on Ozbargain. Some Aussies were switched to a new plan in March ( I'm just a little paranoid as there's no way I can afford full price.



  • I'm not too sure either but I made sure to pay with my Revolut card that only has around $20 on it at a time, so worst case scenario they take that.

  • I don't know. Is there nowhere you can check in your account what your next due amount is or do they not send an invoice before charging you? To my mind if they do not clearly tell you before hand what they're going to charge you this seems highly problematic. So if they do it they should either refund you on request, or your entitled to file a dispute with your bank and get your money back.

    • Thanks. This makes sense. I’ll wait until closer to the renewal date and see what turns up. 👍

  • People actually pay for a license…?

    • It was $6.85… why not?

      • Oh right, fair enough. Read it as monthly subscription.

  • damn missed this deal. any new ones for adobe?

  • +1

    Got an email last night saying that my next payment would be USD $420.

    Thanks but no thanks

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