Best green waste deal in Auckland

Hi everyone,

I’m planning to revamp my garden and lawn and will be needing the one off green waste removal service. It’s my first time so I literally am wading my way through the web to try and get more information.

Can you guys please recommend a green waste company that’s affordable in Auckland? 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Also, how do I get the green waste bag? Do I buy it somewhere and get some waste company to come? Or do I buy them from the waste company? And, after the waste company takes away the green waste bag, will the bag be returned to us? 🤣

Sorry for so many questions. I’m trying to navigate through adulthood 🥹

Thanks in advance, guys. ❤️


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    How much are you expecting to need to get rid of? If it's a significant amount it's likely to be a lot cheaper to trailer it to your local transfer station if you can get your hands on a trailer and tow vehicle.

    With regard to bags, you can buy one of these and book online when you want it collected. You don't get the bag back.

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