Lifetime deals - Any idea's of attractive ones given current high inflation environment?

We are doing well financially at the moment, which when combined with the current high inflation environment has me thinking about lifetime deals.

I have a lifetime subscription to geekzone

I am considering a lifetime coastguard membership $130/year vs $1950 for life, so a 15 year payback (ignoring inflation).

Any other ideas of things with attractive lifetime deals?

Not to interested in VPN's, but feel free to share for others.

A little wary of what is happening to Ruapehu alpine lifts (Whakapapa & Turora ski fields) life pass holders. For those not aware, the company is basically broke, and any future purchaser of the assets who wants to run a ski field in the same location is not bound (or likely) to honor life passes, and life pass holders will simply join the long queue of other unsecured creditors of Ruapehu alpine lifts.


  • Pretty much the same with just about every contract / agreement you 'shake hands on' that does not mean you receive consideration immediately - you will have counter-party risk, and have to choose to accept that risk if you want to enter into the agreement.

    If the counter-party can't fulfill their obligations when the time comes, then you might be out of pocket.

  • +1

    Few lifetime licenses which I am really happy with.

    1. Plex
    2. Unraid Server
    3. ChargeHQ (It has charge on solar included as part of early adopter license not free anymore)

    Hoping to get lifetime license for Tessie App, but just not ready for paying US$200 yet. Hoping to get 10 referrals to claim the license.

    • Came to say your 1 & 2 :)

  • SongShift

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