Electric Heater recommendation for a big room?

My trusty fan heater just died and needs a replacement. Any recommendation that can heat a room that is 8x4m in size? This is in an apartment hence electric. It does not need to be a fan as well as long as decent heat can be achieved. I don't mind paying extra as long as it is worth it.


  • Electric heaters go up to 2.4kw max. You'll need to heaters for that space. If you don't mind the cost electric radiator heaters will be better than oil column heaters in that for the same amount of heat/electricity it creates the impression of being warmer to people in the room. If you own the place then better go for a heat pump.

    • Haet pump not an option due to being an apartment and nowhere to place the external unit.

      • Definitely not an option to sit on a balcony or wall mount externally?

        • Unfortunately no balcony or option to wall mount.

  • Heat pump well be the cheapest - BY FAR

    • If only it was possible to get one for the apartment.

  • +2

    All heaters with the exception of a heat pump or night store heater (on an off-peak tariff) create the same amount of heat / $ of power.

    Get a 2000-2400W upright convection heater for $150 basic or $250-350 wifi model.

    • Leaning towards this one. Just waiting for a good sale.

    • Except for bladeless fan heaters. They might be slightly less efficient than traditional space heaters but they're great at heating up the room quickly and quietly. Bit expensive though!

  • A Ceramic tower fan heater has been amazing for our large un insulated room. This is what we use
    https://goldair.co.nz/products/gct330 it heats better than any other heater we have had.

    • Old one was similar to this one but without the wifi.

  • Get the cheapest 2000W-2400W thermostat Micathermic or oil column heater. Good brands are Dimplex, Delongi or Goldair.

    Avoid Arlec, they're OK but they're just rebranded aliexpress/alibaba/taobao heaters.

    Avoid overpriced Dyson bladeless fan heaters.

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    All resistive heaters output the same heat per watt, so another cheap fan heater is probably what you need to quickly distribute the heat, at the expense of noise. For a silent option an oil or micathermic heater would work, but are much slower at heating a room.

    If you have an exhaust air outlet with a good seal, a portable air conditioner that can do reverse cycle might work. However if the seal is poor you'll lose a lot of heat through the gap, and potentially struggle to heat the room.

  • As already mentioned all electric heaters convert all electric energy to thermal energy (minus minuscule amount to kinetic if fans are involved). So a 2000W space heater outputs the same heat as an every other 2000W but perceived heat may differ. Your best bet is a heat pump that consumes 1/4 the electricity of electric heaters.

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