Meal replacement shakes

Been recently having meal replacement shakes.

Any recommendations on what's a good way to bulk buy or a good value brand.

Many thanks.


  • like optifast?

  • You could probably save a tonne by buying the ingredients and making them yourself, meal replacement shakes tend not to be all that complex.

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    Not sure if value to you but I can share what I have used/doing long term (more than 1 year) and have lost about 22kgs.

    Breakfast - single packets Oats/Porridge in a shaker with about a cup of milk and rest hot water.
    For the day time 1 x OSM bar, 5 Frooze Balls, 1 x High Protein Bar (Milk Choc) best tasting I found from here…

    A plate full of mix veg + something like Naked Kitchen Soup California Wellness Bowl and if I have spare calories add something else to dinner.

    Cost everything per day is about $18.00 and that was my basic meal plan for the majority of days in a week.

  • These might be useful to you:

    If you were wanting to DIY:

    List of complete foods that are in/ship-to New Zealand:

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