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Not surprised about this, haven't bought anything from there for ages.…

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    Not surprised about this, haven't bought anything from there for ages.

    Same for me - I haven't bought anything from TheMarket since 2022.

    Prior to that, I was a regular customer - probably around once a month or maybe more often.

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    I stopped buying stuff from the Warehouse when they got rid of their credit card giving 5% off. Sometimes 10% off. The competition is fierce out there, I got a 59 piece toolbox and 300 led solar light from Temu for $30. Order arrived in a week.

    • Whats the quality like from Temu? (On par with TWH I spose)

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        TWH procures them from same supplier lol

      • The tool set I got for $19 and got to say I don't know how its remotely possible for them to make a profit on it. Very impressed with it.

        • Temu is losing money every time they sell. Temu is doing this to get rid of competitors.

      • Depends on what you're buying. I've got a couple of car mounts for phones, some simple hand tools and accessories which have all been great. I've also had a car charger and USB C cable which were garbage, but they were refunded so it's no loss.

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        A lot of stuff I have bought from Temu hasn't met expectations. I bought a horn for a bike which claimed more than 120 decibels. It was like a kid's toy and couldn't be heard above background road noise & put it on a meter and it was about 50 dB (and its a logarithmic scale). Tools like screwdriver bits are muck metal and burr very quickly.

        • You have to be very selective. I thought I would be safe buying some snap off knife blades, but they are really thin metal and break easily compared to normal ones. So there is a lot of rubbish. But are also some good things.

        • I've bought cheap screwdriver bits from temu and ali and been happy. But those are bits i'd use maybe 3 times a year at best


          The return policy is fantastic considering it's from overseas and they don't have to offer anything.

          • @Dunno: Agree, but only applies to one item from memory. If you buy several to meet the free shipping threshold and 2 or 3 turn out to be lemons (which happened to me) you're outa luck.

            Aliexpress are really playing hard ball with refunds. They tried to make me return an item that would have cost at least $45 to ship, and refused a refund because I wouldnt

      • I agree things from Aliexpress and Temu are hit and miss. Bought 4 USB C cables $6-$7 each from different sellers, all rubbish, so I had to buy $20 Cygnett cables now. $7 silicone phone cases can't be compared with branded phone cases. Scissors are sharp but edges don't meet safety standards. Irobot Roomba side brushes fall apart quickly. Roomba replacement battery doesn't last. Even bin liners look poor quality. The only things I'm happy with so far are tapes for Brother label makers and microfiber cloths.

        • For most of things you need to stick with popular brands like baseus, essager, ugreen, toocki and few more for cables. I have many from them and they last awhile and do work most of the time. I agree many items are cheap junk so have to be careful even than you get a bad apple.

  • I guess that means the 1-Day brand will be permanently gone.

    • That went a long time ago…

    • Last year's season was amazing. With La Nina back this year, there will be a lot of digging out this year… But what's that got to do with the market?

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    Really sad … i bought quite a bit from The Market when it started and thought it was full of promise … surprised it hasnt done well.

    • The tea leaves were there to read. It did well during Covid but failed to gain market share or brand recognition with the Amazon AU Ali Express and Temu flooding the NZ market. Then you were able to buy third party vendor items via TWH direct online rendering the Market pointless.

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    When they first came to the scene, they offered some deep discounts as a loss leader to entice buyers and create returning customers further down the line. Of course, this type of discounting wasn't sustainable (I guess that was the intention) so they become fewer and far between and not that impressive (5-10% off…yippee).

    Apart from TWG products, the rest was Ali Express junk.

    Then they tried to peddle the items through The Warehouse's own website, which did not go well (I just want to know what I can find in store, not some random crap from a store called 'UBUYNZ' or something).

    I'm not surprised. It was trying to be a NZ version of Amazon but done on the cheap.

    • Yeah, poor version of Amazon. I tried to sign up as a seller 2ish years ago, but was denied me as my products were already on the store via a diff seller. (though I had lower prices and free shipping)

      I think this was kinda a missed opportunity, to get sellers to compete (like they do on Amazon for the same product), benefiting the buyer, but didn't seem like this is what they wanted.

      As a consumer, I think they charged too much for shipping, they worked with some large stores who should be getting steep shipping discounts, maybe a free shipping on orders over x$ would've worked better. I hate subscription free shipping stores. I rarely buy enough to make it worth it.

      But overall, excluding sales events, found there products, nearly always more expensive than elsewhere, especially once adding shipping.

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        'As a consumer, I think they charged too much for shipping, they worked with some large stores who should be getting steep shipping discounts, maybe a free shipping on orders over x$ would've worked better. I hate subscription free shipping stores. I rarely buy enough to make it worth it.'

        Building on that. They wouldn't let you click and collect / pickup items over a particular value, as a result I did not buy my kids christmas through them. Likewise if you bought something bulky from noel leeming from them, tehre was a bulky surcharge…. even though you could alt+tab over to the noel leeming website and buy it with out that?

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      they did have other decent brands on there for a while, i.e. cotton:on group had all of their stuff. But they're gone afaik.

      You're right now, it's just the bad crap you see on trademe but on it's own website now!

      • Yeah I can't find anything from Cotton On on there anymore. I did buy some of there stuff, even clicking on the old orders goes to a 404 page.
        Maybe they charged too many fees for it to be worth it.

    • 'Apart from TWG products, the rest was Ali Express junk.'

      That wasn't true for a while. They had major brands (like cotton on group, samsung and dyson's own stores, some bougie clothes labels etc).

      But I think they're pretty much all gone now.

  • Im surprised they're getting out this early.

    The writing has been on the wall for for a while. The 'digital transformation' strategy hasn't gone at all how they expected.

    But seriously, as an adult human in new zealand buying, say, a vaccuum last week, why would I use over any other retailer?

    • Talking about vacuum, how's TWH group going to compete with professionals like Godfreys? Even Godfreys is dead now. TWH group seems to have very bad leadership that keeps making mistakes. Their appliances used to be our first choice, but they have become so expensive that we have switched to buying from Trade Depot.

    • I got my Miele C3 from Amazon AU with free shipping.

  • I see Barkers have pulled out from TheMarket in the last week

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