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Auckland to Hong Kong from $847 Return on Hainan Airlines [Jul-Oct] via Haikou @ Beat That Flight


5-star airline to Hong Kong!

All flights are via mainland China - usually Haikou or Shenzhen.

All flights include checked luggage (2 bags), food, etc

Other deals on Hainan Airlines includes Haikou, and other mainland China destinations.

Auckland to Hong Kong on Hainan Airlines

Dates: 23 Jun 24 - 31 Dec 24

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  • Bugger, just booked with AirNZ last week, $1500 per person (2 adults and 2 toddlers), but direct flight.

    So it's either save $2400, and go for the 1 stop over, and endure the 23 hour total flight duration with 2 kids.
    Pay that $2,400 for convenience and fly directly on an 11hour flight (was able to use 1300 Airpoints to pay for a ticket though), and flexibility of dates too I guess.

    Right now wished that I went for the cheaper option and just endure the longer flight. But that perspective might change when it comes to actually flying on the day XD

    Perhaps when the kids are older will definitely endure these longer flights for the savings

    • +1

      I would go for money saving too but unless you are retired, your holiday is also worth something. I estimate each day off for me is worth $400(after tax)? So gap is only $1600 then (2 adults)

      • +1

        Yeah you're right! That extra flight time there and back would mean extra time off work too.

        Thanks for making me feel better about my purchase :D haha

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