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Air China to Seoul, South Korea from $739 Return [May-Jun] @ Beat That Flight


Hot on the trail of China's Southern's $998+ fares, Air China has hit back with MUCH lower fares still!

Includes checked luggage, etc etc. Note, in general, China Southern is probably a 4-star airline, while Air China is a 3-star, but frankly I flew them from Canada to Japan via China and they were 'fine'.

Don't forget accommodation!

Auckland to Seoul (1 May - 30 Jun) from $739

Auckland to Seoul

Dates: 1 May 24 - 30 Jun 24

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  • Do we just need to be patient for the sales to reach July? Need to travel to Mongolia!

    • +1

      I'm hoping so. Same with flights from Aus to SK/Japan - Air China, China Southern, China Eastern, all having deals up to June at present. Fingers crossed!

      If you're spending time in Ulan Bator, I highly recommend the natural history museum. So many different animals and birds I'd never even heard of!

      • Thanks! Will do.

  • Any cheap flights to Phillipines from Auckland? Cheers

  • Is there a way to have the Low Fare Calendar search all options? I am searching by each day and am wondering if the site can handle searching the entire calendar at once.

    • +1

      Not really. I cache results, so if there's a recent result from someone it'll show there, but because flight prices change so much, if I cache for much longer than 12? hours at present it's often out of date and then people get annoyed.

      You can middle click on each date on the calendar and open in a new tab, that's one way to go faster, but my data provider also has a rate limit on that on a per IP basis, so you'll either get dropped or asked to prove you're a human :P When I do that I tend to wait 10 seconds between clicks.

      • Thanks!

  • Any clue how long this sale goes for?

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