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Paris $985 Return, London $1106, Rome $1207, Amsterdam $1291 [Mar-Jun] on China Eastern/Air China via @ Beat That Flight


Even cheaper than the prices from last month!

Don't forget to book accommodation. As well as searching, consider:
- Unveiling the Top 10 Parisian Hotels: A Guest-Rated Guide to the Best Accommodations in the City of Love (Under AU$190 Per Night)
- Discover the Best Affordable Hotels in Central London with Guest Ratings: Our Top 5 Picks for Under AU$200 per Night!

Please let me know if you find a cheaper date in the comments, as I haven't been able to do an exhaustive search yet.

Auckland to Paris (12 Mar - 30 Jun) from $985 return
Auckland to London (12 Mar - 30 Jun) from $1106 return
Auckland to Rome (12 Mar - 30 Jun) from $1207 return
Auckland to Amsterdam (12 Mar - 30 Jun) from $1291 return

Auckland to London

Dates: 12 Mar 24 - 30 Jun 24

Auckland to Paris

Dates: 12 Mar 24 - 30 Jun 24

Auckland to Rome

Dates: 12 Mar 24 - 30 Jun 24

Return Price Travel Dates
$1350 11 Mar to 9 Apr
$1259 12 Mar to 1 Apr
$1207 25 Apr to 2 May
$1210 9 May to 16 May
$1211 28 May to 4 Jun
$1209 30 May to 6 Jun
$1209 2 Jun to 9 Jun
$1211 9 Jun to 16 Jun

Auckland to Amsterdam

Dates: 12 Mar 24 - 30 Jun 24

Return Price Travel Dates
$1385 12 Mar to 19 Mar
$1418 30 Apr to 29 May
$1416 30 Apr to 9 Jun
$1489 28 May to 4 Jun
$1416 28 May to 17 Jun
$1489 8 Jun to 15 Jun
$1291 9 Jun to 16 Jun

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  • That’s so cheap! We are so out of annual leave until like September/Oct 😬

    • +1

      I know right?! I was pleased with the 11-1200ish, and then the Paris price appeared and my jaw dropped!

  • +2

    Take the $985 round trip to Paris, and book a separate round trip to Rome for $115. $1100 all up.

    • Absolutely, even the Eurostar to London!

  • +2

    Even cheaper on mixandmatch.co.nz ($957 return AKL to Paris), with the benefit of an NZ-backed travel agent if things go wrong.

  • +2

    Unable to find any of these $9xx return to Paris deals? All coming back at $14xx minimum now.

  • This isn’t the real budget one aye. That’s China southern.

    From memory it’s actually quite nice, just there is little western food at all and stuff all western content on the inflight entertainment either. The menu was really vague and hard to know what’s in what you get.

    • China Eastern is the real budget one - China Southern is pretty good, even give you a hotel if your layover is over 6 hours of so.

    • No, China Southern is the 4-star airline. Really good.

  • It's a little short to go to Europe for just two weeks - the jetlag will eat half of that :( Are these deals ever coming for longer periods?

    • us peasants cant go for much longer than two weeks :(

    • +1

      Some of those dates are longer - can see some for 27 days. I just tried a bunch of random dates, you can always enter your own dates and see the prices.

  • whats the best way to find a price like this but for say 28 days or 24+?

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