Youtube premium wont let me re-sub [OR_RECR_05]

I have used Youtube premium with the "cheaper price via VPN" fix. I got a new debit card but forgot to change my payment method on Youtube and the sub ran out since it could not pull money from the old card.

Now, when i try to re-sub, it wont let me. I pointed my VPN (Hola VPN) to Turkey when i set up Youtube premium but now it wont accept the payment since it recognises that my card isnt from Turkey. I got the error: [OR_RECR_05]

I have done the following:
1. I have tied a myriad of different countries the last couple of days but it just wont let the payment go throug.
2. I have updated updated my payment profile with a fake turkish address according to this FAQ:

Is there someway to bypass this without having to create a new account for youtube? Any help would be amazing.


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    I had the same issues as you when trying to subscribe via Turkey but I got it to work via Pakistan with a Pakistan address. Have you tried that one?

    • I got it to work with a Polish address. Its not as cheap as Argentina but its half the price compared to my country, so its better than nothing.

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    Just signed up through Ukraine with an amex card, just appeared to take my payment no questions asked. Will see if it processes successfully in a months time I guess.

  • My YT premium via Turkey is due for renewal next month. My payment profile is still set for turkey and my card details are up to date, albeit a newer card than I used for last year's subscription. I can still connect to a Turkish based VPN but don't usually leave it connected.

    What are my chances of success?

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        Not sure… I reckon closer to 52 / 48 myself, but you might be right - bit of a coin toss really.

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