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Paseo Pure Luxury 3 Ply Long Toilet Tissue 12pk $0.99 @ PAK'n SAVE Botany (Auckland)


Ridiculously low price for this toilet paper at Pak N Save Botany specifically, could be a pricing error? Have ordered 10 for a click and collect successfully, we will see if they honour it.

UPDATE: They have emailed me to say they are out of stock. Price still shows on the website though

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  • Cheers have ordered 15 for pickup this Wednesday. Hopefully they honour it.

  • have ordered 10 too, do we get a full refund if not honored?

    • yes, they have for me when this happened a while ago

      • How quick does the refund normally come through? It's been over a week now and they haven't processed mine

        • Was your card actually charged? Mine wasn’t even charged at all. Just a pending transaction that they reversed

          • @Tmurder91: Yep, it got charged.

            • @NovaAlpha: Presuming that either your cancellation email or the apology email was from the store manager, I’d just respond to that saying your refund has not appeared.

              I’d expect it to have taken under a few days.

              • @Tmurder91: Yeah done that already, but they're ignoring the email. I even setup followupthen to pester them until they reply

  • Thanks, have ordered 10 also, pick up next weekend.

  • -1

    Ordered 50. Go hard or go home. Won't happen though. But you gotta be in to win!

    • the staff dont care but if they physically dont have 50 they will just cancel the order…

  • Ordered 20, let's see what happens

  • When you realise the warehouse only sells the 8 pack :''''''(

  • order confirmed with locker code, will wait till a human reads the list.

  • +1

    I went in person and they don't have any 12 pack ones only the 18 pack which is around $9.99. the PAK'nSAVE staff there said if there's no stock then there's no stock. I placed an order online let's see what happens

  • +1

    Update, they have emailed me saying they are out of stock :-( Don't think there's any way for us to get them to commit when they get stock again?

    • Easier for them to cancel order if they said price error instead of no stock.

  • Ordered 10

  • +2

    There’s no two ways around it - we kiwis love us a bulk-buy op on the shit tickets! #ItsLike2020AllOverAgain

  • +1

    Where am i going to fit 120 rolls of toilet paper? Oh well still worth it lol

  • +1

    While we're on the topic of bums, anyone got a bidet?

    • Got handheld sprayers, work great

    • I got one! Those that u fit on the toilet seats. I have been using it for years. I don't know why people are crazy over toilet papers during lockdown. I just use water and it is the cleanest. No crusty doo doo and stain on your underwear 😂

      • I need to do a bit more research but saw this one recommended on a random YouTube video I watched

      • Won't it be very cold in the winter?

        • depending on the type and brand they have heated seats, water temperature control etc

        • +1

          Do u use warm/hot water to wash your bum? I always use cold water to wash my bum and it is nice and soothing 😂😂

          There are some fancy ones where u can adjust the temperature if u r afraid of cold water.

      • I got one as well, a Kogan model that works well. But it doesn't eliminate the need for teepee.

        It's the bathroom wiring that can cost extra, although the seat has an RCD plug.

        • How much did it cost you for the plumber and electrician to fit?

    • I use a National one from Japan that I imported about 15 years ago. Still works well with a step-down transformer.

      • +2

        We have the Cleanlet 300 in our household! It has a heap of different functions. My husband loves it - he is on it for AGES!!

    • i got this cheap one 5 years ago still works fine, just need to make sure the toilet seat fits snug.

      • Where did you get your RPZD or back flow valve from? any good deals?

        • I don't think people will install it for bidet cause it's expensive and need annual inspection. Interestingly although NZ and OZ are using the same standard code but you don't have to install such expensive stuff in OZ but a $15 bfv is enough

          • @SteveHK: I didn’t think there was anything about annual inspection?
            Just the correct (and expensive) valve needing to be installed to prevent a loss of pressure on the mains side sucking your toilet water back down the pipes towards mains side?

            All the talk here makes we wonder if people are even bothering to install them, or someone needs to post a deal for a good/cheap one

            Interestingly Mitre10 seems to be one of the few places even who mentioned you need one on the product listing

            • @Tmurder91: I think it does require as per my conversation with mitre 10 staff who said that has been a legal requirements since last year. I find some info here

              • @SteveHK: I do really want to install one bidet but may not worth to install an expensive valve for a bidet. What is the consequence if I don't have such valve but a cheaper BPV instead?

                • +2

                  @SteveHK: Unsure, but if its non-compliant then I guess you'd have issues with insurance, council signoff on anything.

        • sorry i cant help, i should probably remove my comment.
          having a old house, it has a basic backflow preventer then the water line is higher than the toilet inlet.

          maybe get this one.

  • +2

    Need more price match options! Wouldn't be amazing if the supermarkets price matched! Never get anything in south!

  • Since everyone is going for it, i ordered 50 as well. Will need a truck if they can honor it.

    • You’ll need a truck to get it all home too lol

  • +1

    Wife went in yesterday and they were out of stock. Apparently that was the legit price

  • +1

    "Sorry we don’t have any stock. That’s why I have to cancel your order.

    Thank you
    (Staff members name)"

    • +1

      The moron just cc'ed a bunch of customers emails together. Can anything that can be done about this? Not happy with my email being revealed.

      • Don't give your personal email to businesses?

        • not personal for me, just should have done a bcc

          • @coffeee: This is a good example of what value a business places on your privacy, the person sending the email has access to your information but likely has no idea what bcc is.

      • +1

        The privacy commission take that seriously

      • There should be a setting in email clients to disable CC option… ie, default to BCC where people can't see the other addresses. I do emails for a sports club, and always use BCC, except for one time when I forgot to change it…..grrrr…

      • +1

        They did the same to me this morning - I replied that they should check in with their manager and ensure they report it to their companies privacy officer.

        They replied straight away saying will do, but I think I'll follow up with an email to their head office if I don't get anything else back after a few days

        • +2

          I got that email too this morning, along with 10 other emails showing in CC. Which one of you cheapie with the email "[email protected]"?

          • @The Hound: I wish I could claim that title - though it looks like I was part of a different email to you.

            Was yours also from K.Patel?

            • +3

              @Tmurder91: yeah, gonna report him/her to Stickman

            • @Tmurder91: Got the same cancelation email from the person above, without any title/role.
              He could be the particular PNS store owner. :)

              And no surprise, the product is back in stock with correct pricing.

          • +1

            @The Hound: Ah so they must of confused bcc with bbc

      • +1

        You now have your own cheapies toilet paper distribution list.

  • I haven't received any email. On the Pak n Save website it just says order received etc. Does this mean my order is still in effect or something?

    • They just emailed me to say the payment for my order will soon be processed so idk

      • +1

        Was that an automated / generic one, for a collection tomorrow?

        If so, that usually goes out the day before your order is due to be packed as an FYI

        • i got that after my order confirmation. then a non automated email canceling order.

          • @coffeee: Got the auto generated email payment will be taken out soon. Waiting for that cancellation soon. If they say it's out of stock (It's in stock at a different price)

  • +1

    Damn they cancelled my order too and cc'ed a few other people. Escalated privacy concern to them. Damn…

  • Just received a call from their online orders team saying this was last weeks offer and no longer available so they will cancel my order.
    I asked for a substitute and they said it's not possible as all the similar items are out of stock.

    • got similar call but they said they can not substitute as other items are much more expensive

  • Has anyone actually got any? My pick up day is Friday and I have not received any cancellation yet. I also ordered a bunch of other items, but I am thinking of cancelling the other items because it looks like they will cancel the toilet rolls on my order, and I do not want to drive all the way to Botany (from CBD), just to pick up a few other items that I can get at my local.

    • my order was canceled just an hour or so before pick up, if there are other items in your order you order will not be canceled you just wont get the toiler rolls

      • Thanks looks like I'll just cancel the other items for now and see if my 25 packs of toilet rolls go through 😅

    • +1

      oh no you have to pickup the items you dont want and you still get charged for the service.

  • Did anyone actually manage to get any successfully?

    • I would think if you put your click and collect date far enough out they would be back in stock, surely

      • +2

        They've removed the product entirely from the shelf for now so I doubt it. They'll put the product back on once the last CC order has elapsed.

      • some items on the website are advertised but never intended to be supplied.
        eg. my local sells whole celery for a similar price as a half, i went to the back and found whole ones but the manager quickly told me they dont supply whole so they half them.

        • Comcom can fine you for that. They've done it to pbtech for advertising something they knew had very limited quantity

  • Popped into Pak n Sav Botany last night to have a look.

    They have a bunch of signs with a "purchase limit of 2 packs of TP due to increased demand" lol - look what we've done.

    They did not have any of these 12packs in stock, but they had a huge amount of the 8 pack which is branded as "8pk, equivalent to 12 rolls"

    So it seems like Paseo have replaced their 12 roll pack with an 8 roll pack that contains the same amount of paper in fewer rolls.
    And as such Pak n Sav must have sold these 12pks of tp at $0.99 as a legitimate but clearance price

    Disappointing that the "allow substitutions" didn't get honored and swapped out for the newer packs, but I can understand why.

  • Dear customer,
    You received an email from a PAK’nSAVE Botany team member on Sunday 11 February 2024 with the subject line “Online Order”.

    This email was mistakenly sent to a number of customers together when it should have been sent to each customer individually.

    We are reaching out to request that you please delete the email from your inbox and do not use it for any purpose or distribute this any further. We have also contacted the other individuals who have been impacted and have made the same request.

    We value our customers privacy and acknowledge this was not up to standard. We do apologise for this error and we’re focused on improving our processes so this does not happen again.
    If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reply to this email.

    Kind regards

    • Just got the same email (it was signatured as the store manager so that’s reassuring)
      I had a second order which was cancelled yesterday and that one was actually cancelled by the store manager with an email coming from them directly saying no stock.

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