Formula 1 TV Pro Annual Subscription (F1TV) - Voucher Promo Code

Following on from last year's promo code, (, does anyone know if there will be another code coming up?


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    Might not be what you are looking for depending on what you want out of F1TV but I just vpn to channel 4 in the uk on my computer and cast to my tv. Channel 4 is free, only cost is vpn

    • Luxembourg apparently has it live with ads using a VPN.

      This is a good reminder to cancel mine and renew if there's a deal or the morning of the first race.

      • I believe the commentary isn't in English though.

  • I'm pretty sure if you sign up with a new email, you'll get that 79.99 offer.

    • I think they usually do the new customer offer sometime before the season begins, might have to wait a couple more weeks. Reminder you can just make a new account by adding a "+" in your email, eg [email protected].

      • Don't use that alias trick, it has lots of negatives about it. The pro way to do it is to use Bulc.Club, AnonAddy or SimpleLogin. Anyone can get your real Gmail address just by looking at your Gmail alias and from that point on, you'll get spammed and your Gmail contact info will be sold to 3rd parties, etc. Best to protect your email using proper mechanisms. The ones I've listed are all free and you can even reply from your hidden alias email without exposing it in the message headers whatsoever.

        • How do you reply from BulcClub?

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            @sunshinenz: You don't. Bulc.Club doesn't allow you to reply, but the other 2 services I mentioned do. Bulc.Club is completely free and the other 2 are free to an extent. I don't really see myself needing to pay for their services and have been using fine for years.

  • They usually do this when the pre-season testing is on, should be in a fortnight or so

  • FYI pre-season new account discount has started $72.24 for the year, it's 15% this year instead of 20%.

    • Where are you seeing that price? I see $84.99 down from $99.99

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        My Bad, I had a VPN on and it was giving me a different price, yours is correct.

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