Any tricks with transferring Jetstar credit to another name?

Unlike AirNZ credits, Jetstar ones are only valid for the name they were booked under - anyone got any tricks to transfer them to another name?

I know they don't actually check IDs when you fly domestically, but given how much Jetstar are cracking down on carry on baggage weights, would like to avoid it if i can.


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    Put the person's name as the contact person at the end who is receiving the itinerary (not passenger). The email address can be yours

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      This works, I have used credit to purchase other people tickets this way.

  • Jetstar checked my ID when I checked in at the counter with bags.

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      On my credit vouchers in the past, on the email it just says to make sure:

      • The name on the voucher is either a passenger or the contact on the booking,
      • You use the voucher before the expiry date

      I've used someone else's voucher to buy my tickets in the past and it has always worked.

      So as long as the name of the contact making the booking is the same as the voucher, I would think that they can't deny your booking even if they check your ID at the check in counter. But double check the conditions on your voucher

      • Quick question, any reason why they have increased check- in time to 40 mins. Heard from a mate so they can palm off the cheap seats (under$40) to ones on standby paying $500. He was at the Kiosk after waiting in a long queue. Said check-in closed and go see a Jetstar staff. The queue was so long by the time he got to the person 30 mins before departure, she said sorry gates closed

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