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If you don't have a will already, making a will can:

  • help ensure that your assets go to the right people when you die (rather than following the default rules for the distribution of intestate estates);
  • if your assets are worth more than $15,000 when you die, spare your loved ones the hassle of having to apply for letters of administration rather than merely applying for probate.

For people with big or complex estates, blended families or other special situations, it can often be worthwhile to engage a lawyer to prepare a will. But for most people, spending hundreds of dollars or more on a will isn't a practical option.

GatheredHere's free will generator doesn't offer the most customisable wills, but seem to me like a reasonable option for someone who can't afford or isn't willing to see a lawyer and don't have particularly complex needs. For most people, a free will from GatheredHere will be better than no will at all.

Pay attention to the instructions that are provided with your will, particularly in relation to witnessing (and in particular, you must never have your will witnessed by someone who will or might inherit anything under the will). You'll also want to make sure your will is kept in a safe place, as the original will be required when applying for probate.

GatheredHere does prompt you to consider making a bequest to charity as part of your will, but you're not obliged to do so, and the service is free whether or not you do.

And if you're not sure whether a free will is suitable for your needs, my promo code from December for $40 off a quick legal consult ($180 -> $140, or $99 -> $59) is still working and I'd be happy to assist.

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    I have never made a comment before, so hope I've done this right, and this is ok.

    I read this in the T&Cs:

    The Documents on our Website are only suitable if you live in Australia and do not have overseas assets. In the event that you do not live in Australia or have overseas assets and you create a Document on our Website, we bear no liability for any consequences that flow from this, whether directly or indirectly.

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