Bangkok, Thailand from Auckland from $876 Return [May to Jun] via Beijing on Air China [2x Luggage] @ Beat That Flight


Air China is back with three-figure pricing to Thailand! Includes two checked bags, and no carry on weight limit.

Flights are via Beijing, but only the one stop.

Don't forget accommodation.

Auckland to Bangkok

Dates: 1 May 24 - 30 Jun 24

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  • I'm looking for return flight from Hanoi to Auckland for my parents in April. Do you think I should wait for a better price or should I go with whatever cheapest now? I'm worried it I wait longer, the price might go up close to the date. Thank you!

    • What does the magic crystal ball say?
      Buy now!

    • +1

      April 12th is the start of school holidays here. That's never going to be a cheap time, AND comes immediately after Easter. I can't predict everything, but I'd be very nervous holding out for a better price in that period. My personal recommendation is buy now.

      (but then watch a sale come out in 2 weeks and I'll look like an idiot, haha)

  • Thank you very much! Eastern airlines is selling $1050 return for dates in April. I might go with it. Hopefully no sales in 2 weeks. Wish that price had applied for Vietnam instead of Thailand in this post 🥲

    • Check out Jetstar flights to Ho Chi Minh from say Sydney or Melbourne.

      Might be worth a return to Australia and then fly on from there…

      • As Vietnamese, my parents need to apply for transit visa if they transit in Australia. Plus they need another flight from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh city and return. So I prefer less hassle for them although Jetstar flights could be the cheapest. But thanks a lot for your suggestion, as a true chepies, I will use Jetstar myself if I can save $10 from the fares but not for my old parents :D

        • All good, fully understand. we take access and visas a bit for granted here in New Zealand, but Vietnam has far fewer countries they can just drop into, and it’s quite a weak passport on the global scene.

          Jetstar has some crazy low one-way New Zealand Auckland to Ho Chi Minh fares later in the year around August and September from memory. Unfortunately I can’t find a return fear anywhere near that low price.

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