Best LPG Bottle Provider in Auckland

Hi guys,

I am looking for suggestions to get a LPG bottle connection for my house.
Its a new house, so have never dealt with a company before.

I have my power with Z and free broadband from employer. So cant find a bundle deal.

What providers do only Gas service and what deals if any are out there?

Thank you.


  • We are with Frank, good app, no issues at all. Cheapest by about $10-20 per fill last time we looked, but admittedly that was a while ago. You may have to check with a few providers because I found that not all providers service all of Auckland.

    • Oh, and don't forget about the referral codes 😉

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      Paying $134/bottle and $137/year annual fee with rockgas. That is cheaper than frank which is $140/bottle and $150/yr annual fee if you are not bundled with electricity.

      There might be cheaper options out there, just haven't looked at it.

      • Looks like I'll have to go back and reassess options, thanks!

  • I had a look recently, Rockgas (current provider) seems to be one of the cheapest.

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    I'm with Matagas. Been happy with their service after 2 years, cheapest LPG 9kg swap at 30$ as well. (bundled with my 45kg bottle delivery for no delivery charge)

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    I too am with Matagas - appeared to be the cheapest when I looked a year ago:

    $120 per year rental fee for 2 x 45kg Bottles
    $125 per cylinder exchange

    • Another vote for Matagas

      • Just swapped to matagas yesterday, again would reccomend it for being cheap

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