McDonald’s app redeeming point problems

Anyone use the McDonald’s app with more than one account? I have been having problems redeeming accrued reward points when I log into a different account.

Is this like the new account on same phone “has already been redeemed by another account on the same device problem”?

Anyone here using one phone for more than one account?

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  • I had this error in the weekend.
    Took 7,000 points out of my account and i didnt get any redeem barcodes.
    I have only 1 account.

    Rang them on Sunday and they said they would call today, didnt.

    • Did you only use one account with your device or more than 1?

      • Just one account, one phone.

        Redeemed for a coffee, got the error. Weird..
        Tried again, same error.

        Checked my points history and had -3500 x 2

        Was expecting the error to not take my points..

    • I had an email to say that points would expire if not used by a certain date, but didn't even know there was a expiry date on them. But they seem to have a short expiry date on them. You need so many points to get anything god, so IMO they shouldn't expire them.

      • 12 months, last time i checked

        • Sort of although they expire at the end of the month so you can have slightly longer. But any points from last year's 30 days deals will be expiring today if you didn't use them. You can check within the app clicking on the points to see how many will expire today.

          I find it fairly short although Burger King does the same thing. Not surprised though, clearly designed for people for who spending $90 or $100 over a year at McDonald's on one account isn't surprising.

  • App glitched for me too cannot be bothered to harass them to fix it

  • This happened to me today too, hopefully the points will be refunded!

  • +1

    Yes, this happened to me over the weekends with points gone, but the rewards were actually there, so try go back to your deal and the thing you redeemed, you should be able to use rewards from there.

  • I called them. The redeption goes back under the offer if it errors.
    Eg. I now have 2x free coffees under the coffee points selection

    • Yes see that. Wonder how long it stays there. Especially if you can use it to keep expiring points. And anyone knows what happens if you get the code then don't redeem it? Does it refund the points of what?

      • If u can force the error?
        Goto redeem screen, disconnect from internet, click redeem, does that force the error?

        • +1

          Well it's still doing the error for me today. And more than once, was unique redeem per Android account so don't think it was the cause. But assume they will eventually fix it and you'll need to find some way to force it, if it does work.

          Still although only a hash brown decided not to risk and see what happens.

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