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2x Galaxy SmartTag2 $38.60 Delivered @ Samsung Education Store


Kind of cheaper than the previous deal if you are only looking to buy couple instead of 4.

THANKYOU30 stacks on top of 30% off RRP

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals.

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  • Is there a way to get a Samsung Student discounts without student email id? Thank you.

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      I dont think there is a way to access student discounts without ac.nz email address. You can always sign up for a free online course (Yoobee College) and enjoy the benefits :)

      • Great idea :) Can you recommed a free online course?

  • Also keen to know. Looking to buy 2 more.

  • Are you sure it is two, as it I think its just the name that saying it is version 2 but you are getting 1 tag

    • Yes it's a single Tag, Version 2

      • No. Its two tags 😊

        • They don't sell Twin packs… only individually or a pack of 4. Happy to be proven wrong, of course.

          • @ScoobyNZ: I mean. You can add two in the cart? One after another. Or you can go to your cart and hit the plus sign and it adds another tag.

        • Right… so you add 2 individual tags, apply the code and the total comes to $38.60.

          So it's not a twin pack, it's just buying two individual tags.

          • @ScoobyNZ: Never said it was a twin pack. Not that it makes any difference but yup, you are getting two tags for $38.60

            • @coxbussy: Still a reading comprehension fail on my part. I get it now

  • If you get just one tag it says its only about $4.30 including delivery, only prob is I don't have an EEP account πŸ˜₯

    • shiiii. thats even better if you only need one haha

  • Any chance I could use someone's Samsung Edu Store account to purchase?

    • Or perhaps purchase for me?

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    I somehow got a 44.70 discount, paid only 4.30.

    • Same, but that is a single tag, not 2 :)

      • Can you do multiple orders to get them for $4.30 each?

        • THANKYOU30 can only be used once. Unless you want to go through creating multiple accounts.

          • @sunshinenz: LOL i cant even get one account - but was going to bribe my sister who is a school teacher to let me use hers if it was worth the hassle.

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    I have ac.nz email but its asking for a "Unidays" one.. signed up for unidays and still asking for a "valid email". Has anyone successfully ordered and could please help me?

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      Figured it out as had the same issue.

      Samsung has 2 education stores - one requiring Unidays (nz/multistore/student_epp/), another which is separate (nz/multistore/samsung_edu/).

      This is the correct link for NON-Unidays accounts: https://www.samsung.com/nz/multistore/samsung_edu/pd.EI-T560…
      The same coupon works.

      Hope that helps.

      • Thanks for that! Accepting email, but now I am getting..

        An email has been sent to your .ac.nz email confirming your account. Please follow the links in your email to access the Samsung Student Deals Portal.

        And no email to access. Haha impossible!

        • Of course, you need to be able to access a real .ac.nz email address to make an account and log in.

          • @mr-deal: Yep have a real and valid ac.nz email address but I havent receieved their email I mean.

            • @wildchild: Might be to do with you uni provider's system.. worth checking spam too

              • @curiousb: Nothing anywhere and its weird as I have recieved all the other emails (original samsung verification, welcome, log in notifications) just not the one I need to actually get access :""(

        • I got the email, but the link is expired and the email says β€œ Please note that this invitation expires {0} minutes after receiving” πŸ™„

          • @Brit22: I keep getting this too! IDK what to do from this point.

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            @Brit22: I had to do it from a pc. I got the same message doing it via my phone.

      • Thank you, this solved that issue for me

        • Have you purchased through Samsung Edu before?

          • @wildchild: Nope, first time. I had a Samsung Account set up on my uni email though, probably doesn't matter here, but fyi.

            • @curiousb: It is telling me because it is my first time visiting they need to verify email (after already verifying to set up Samsung account…) and so I enter email address to get the above message, but then no email from them! So annoying

              • @wildchild: Oh yup, I had to receive that verification email too. Luckily it came through. Here is a contact they put in the email, if you want to try it: "Any questions, email [email protected]"

                Not sure if they can help though, issue might be on the uni email system's end

                • @curiousb: Thanks for that, I have sent them an email! Fingers crossed

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          You are welcome!

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        You ledgend and also to gatkins for the pc tip. Do not verify on phone!

      • Thanks mate. Got my issue resolved by using your link.

      • Thanks! Using this you can get 2 SmartTags for $8.60 with two seperate orders, one through Unidays and the other one through Samsung Edu.

  • What do you use these tags for?

    • Luggage if you are going overseas, car, keys, wallet. It could be anything thats important to you.

      • Thanks. I often forget where I put my phone. Can use google to find it but no luck if the phone is out of battery. Have to think of a way to attach this tag to a phone.

        • You can double click the tag to make the phone ring. Paired with find my phone to know it's nearby you can always find it.

          Unless you put it in airplane mode, then you're screwed.

        • You can call your phone, or use find my device in Google in your PC's browser.

          Seriously if you want a keytag that relies on other people's crowdsourced geolocation, get a used iPhone 11 and an Airtag.

          • @Avantime: I can't find my spare (Android) phone. It's been 2 weeks now so it must be out of battery, what can I do? It doesn't have a tag, which is why I'm considering buying a tag.

    • +1

      Im going to put one in the most stolen car in NZ.

  • Got 2 for $38, then got one for $4.30 thanks OP

    • How'd you do both?

      • Did this through EPP as theyre the same price

  • +1

    Just purchased and just realised all the reviews say you have to have a samsung for them to work πŸ₯Ή

    • How many did you buy?

    • sell it back to one of the cheapies :)

      • Haha i'm keen if you bought one and up in Auckland 😎

    • Happy to buy from ya and throw in a beer :)

  • Ahhhh, Just bought 12 for work from Pbtech this morning.

  • +1

    Can also be used to get a 256gb sd card for $4.50 and a 1tb sata ssd for $60

    • interesting, I cant get it to work on that card

      e: I can but its around $9 since normal is around $39

      • I used a new account and got a 10% welcome voucher i think

  • Hell yeah got one for $4.80.

  • +3

    This works for people with access to the Corporate EPP site as well.

    I grabbed one, thanks coxbussy!

    • Any idea for how I can get access to the corporate EPP site? Cheers 🀞😁

    • I tried to use the code with my EPP access, it always ask for the uniday verification.
      Any idea why and how to skip this? thanks

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    Humm, would like to get a couple but can't figure out how to stop it applying the 10 percent off first time discount (which I am saving up for a large purchase in future). Unusual to complain about and not want an additional discount ahha.

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      Same here πŸ˜…

  • The SmartTag2 is now sold out, but there are some other great deals on their.

    I ordered a 25W fastcharger and a set of USB C headphones for $9.99 delivered (after the thankyou30 code). Thanks OP for the code.

  • Back in stock again.

    • -2

      No, they're not

      • +1

        My comment was accurate at the time I made it (and my order has since been dispatched). But yeah, now they are out of stock.

  • +1

    I too bought one without reading the fine-print, that is, that is only works with a Samsung mobile. If anyone wants to buy it off me, let me know :)

    • Yes please.. I'l send you a DM

  • Back in stock again FYI

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