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What store do you usually look for on OzBargain? I think it's just Amazon AU and some random VPN hacks but is that just about it? Are there other stores that ship to NZ (with a cost but still lower than NZ market)?

I just get frustrated every time I see an item that exists, say on JB Hi-Fi AU or Dell AU and when I get to the NZ website it's still the blown-up price. Let me know if you've got some shops you keep tabs on and maybe it's worth it to ship with a cost thanks!


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    You can also check out these places in Australia that ship to NZ…

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      Good link. Thanks

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    JB Hi-Fi AU ships to NZ. Just depends on the item (Games/DVD are usually applicable). Mwave is decent. Most clothing deals. Ebay if you're lucky.

    • Phones usually on the excluded list sadly (for JB). They get some killer deals sometimes.

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    Some sites I use not listed on the list posted above.

    Kinda niche, but ships to NZ, just make sure to spend over $60AUD and you get free shipping to NZ. They generally have pretty good prices compared to NZ. But does depend on the product. (just make sure you're on there site, not there site, which has inflated prices due to not the best NZD conversion rate. has good prices too and +$60 for free shipping to NZ. (sometimes some good discount codes floating around for extra savings)
    Also, (all 3 I think are part of the lookfantastic group, but sometimes one site has deals going the other doesn't)
    They're all kinda beauty sites, but they sell soaps and stuff too. (usually have well priced Dr Bronners products compared to here, which is what I use them for)

    • Thanks! I also have a list of beauty sites and bought a cheap Dyson airwrap from last year for free shipping so can attest to this one. I'll add yours to my list 😊

  • There is still GST charged on all goods shipped right?

    Im looking at the Q Revo and its $1600 in Aus not available here.

    But with GST added, plus paying AU GST, it doesnt seem worth it :(

    • AU GST (10%) should be deducted and NZ GST aded

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