Kitchen splashback companies?

Hey, hopefully find the right crowd.

Am needing a 3m x 0.65m splashback. No clue who to go to or where to go. All I've found out is low iron glass is the go. Have enquired with a few places and been quoted a difference of 1.5k for what seems to be the same product


  • Would you consider DIY? Bunnings and Mitre 10 sell splashbacks that you adhere with silicone sealant. I had a quick look - couldn't find anything exactly 3000mm x 650mm, but got close at 3050mm X 600mm for $668. Link here.

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      Yeah this. The problem is that anything that's not a standard off the shelf size needs to be custom made and custom is always expensive for splashbacks.

      Splashbacks are hardened, tempered glass. The tempering process by its nature precludes any further cutting or drilling: any attempt to do so after tempering results in catastrophic shattering like a windscreen. So if you need something custom the manufacturer needs to cut the glass first, then harden/temper, then paint it. All in NZ.

      So the key for a cheap splashback is to design your kitchen around an off the shelf one, most of which are made in China. No cutouts, no holes for switches, no odd sizes.

      OR, if you're really lucky, you keep an eye out for "mistakes". The very thing that makes them expensive can also make them very cheap: if someone gets a custom one done and for whatever reason it's done wrong, you often find them on TradeMe for really cheap, because it's better to get something for them than nothing by scrapping it. You might be able to get an oversized one and hide holes behind kitchen cabinets, for example.

  • Feel free to contact Graphic Glass, we do no obligation quotes…

  • We just did aluminium composite from bunnings. The brand is DesignerSplash made by SJS in Wairau. Cost was $720ish, cut it down ourselves but need a sparkie to ground which is probably going to add a couple hundred. I would have preferred glass but it was just too expensive

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