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Tegel Take Outs: Nashville/Louisiana Tenders 500g, Chicken Burgers 600g, & Chicken Portions 1kg $9.99 ea. @ New World NI Stores


Tegel Take Outs Nashville/Louisiana 500g, 600g or 1kg range is on sale at New World (North Island stores only).

Given the popularity of these as KFC alternative, this might be a good deal to stock up your freezer!

EDIT: mailer says North Island stores only, however may be obtainable in South island stores.

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  • Love these, hopefully South island soon

  • How many pieces in the 1kg?

    • +3

      From memory, generally 4-5 pieces depending on which part of the chicken. These are huge pieces. Mind you they're the bone in version.
      Boneless is usually the 500/600g ones

    • +2

      There was 4 breasts in one pack when i was feeling them an hour ago.

      The boneless one is about 8 strips.

      • lmao cheapies never disappoints

  • This deal is in the south island too, just bought some from Bishopdale, Christchurch New World

    • You're right, got some from Wigram. I see on grocer it is all new worlds

    • Ah, the mailer says north island store only. I'll update the deal then.

      • I think the mailer is always North Island only. But probably their South Island mailer has the same deal. Easier for them to just say everything in the mailer is North Island/South Island only than specify any deals which are NZ wide.

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