Roborock 8 Pro Ultra: Is It Worth It?

Looking at buying a robot vacuum that includes a mop function and the Roborock looks great but seems very expensive even on the Black Friday sale it’s still $2,799
I understand I would be paying a premium for the auto empty, clean and fill station, but it seems to be a feature that could be very handy?

Does anyone have one of these and have any feedback? Is it worth it?

Does anyone have any alternative recommendations?

Note: we have three cats and a dog, so the ability to handle pet hair is essential.


  • I was also looking at the 8 Pro Ultra, it was frankly too expensive. The alternative is to get the Chinese mainland version Roborock G20 and do a motherboard swap (As the Roborocks are region locked) so it becomes the 8 Pro Ultra at a fraction of the price.

    Browsed through some Reddit forums and the most upvoted comment was if the majority of your house is carpet, then get the iRobot i8+ with the dual rollers (which their patent was recently expired if i recall? hence 8 Pro Ultra is also using dual rollers now).

    For mopping, IMO I think just get a cheaper one as you wouldnt necessarily need dual rollers

  • Don't get an Ecovacs vacuum. The app is terrible and loses it's map all the time

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