Trick for Cheap Tradies?


No, I don't want to shortchange a tradie, I'm more looking for services that are running sign-up incentives etc. I am aware that you get what you pay for etc etc.

Anyone know if there's any platforms running vouchers / discounts on work? Something like builder's crack?


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    I would have thought that you would save more money getting a couple of quotes for your project than you would going with a company because they had a sign up incentive or discount.

  • I typically go for Chinese tradies as they accept cash - which means no tax required, so they get more and I also pay less, so it's a win-win.

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  • is pretty useful to get and compare quotes and judge based on previous job feedback

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      Yeah I was hoping there was platform like that that just happened ot be running a sign up bonus or something and handled booking work.

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    For me this is a bit like looking for a discount surgeon 😅

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    Price ain't everything. Finding a good tradie (and then keeping them for future work) is hard enough in my experience.

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      Recently found a good plumber to join my good electrician.

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    We made the mistake of hiring the cheapest plumber to install a new toilet. Absolute frickin disaster!!
    As others have said, maybe get a few quotes and then decide.
    If tradies are offering discounts to get work I'd worry how good they are?
    Good Luck with your quest!! 🙏🤞🙏🤞

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      Yeah absolutely. I was more hoping for a tradies-uber or something running an incentive but still paying them well.

      • There is AA home services Note: have never used it or have any idea what the limitations are. Check the services links on the page to see if what you're wanting done is covered.

  • Hire a Hubby ?

  • It really depends what sort of tradie you want, but there is a reason why I try to do things myself, and that is because many do a poor job, and I know I can spend more time doing a better job. Some things though you need to use a tradie for such as electrical or plumbing, and word of mouth and reviews should be used in that case. Maybe avoid frachaises brands, as I have found they can charge more, and they don't seem to offer any additional protection, and sometime you can end up paying more if they have an apprentice.

    • I found that plastering is great. I can really ruin things but can sand away all of my faults.

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