Sharing My Userscript

I've created a userscript that adds a popup message to display referral links and clearance links that are taken directly from Cheapies. It can also show reminders for other things as well, such as using Dosh card to pay for stuff (to earn cashback). I needed this as I have a couple of cards and I sometimes forget that I can use Dosh to pay for my utilities (as normally I have either direct debit or automatic payment configured and so it wouldn't occur to me to use Dosh).

There are also times where I don't see a long standing deal in the Cheapies browser extension, so I can use this script to remind me to check that.

This works on all browsers. Just install a userscript manager such as Tampermonkey or ViolentMonkey. I personally use ViolentMonkey on Vivaldi & Firefox. Then just create a new script and copy and paste my code in there.

Here's the code, feel free to tweak it to your liking, such as adjusting the color of the popup and the location of it, as well as transparency etc.

You can move the popup anywhere on the screen and it should retain its position even after a page refresh.


  • Wow - a serious bit of work. Ummm how do I get this to work in chrome or edge ?

    • greasemonkey or tampermonkey

    • Have updated the instructions a bit in the original post. Also updated the code slightly.

  • Ok ta. Got it now. Can you make the script popup box user resizeable, or otherwise moveable ? So it can be dragged wherever on the page ?

    • Maybe when I'm free. The thing is, this is a lot of effort for not a lot of gain. It's already a toggle button to show/hide the popup and to make it moveable anywhere on the screen and resizeable is gonna be quite a lot of work involved, not to mention that you'll have to store this setting per site somewhere in Chrome storage. I'm not a software dev either, just dabble in a bit of coding here and there.

    • Have made it moveable anywhere on the screen and keep the position even after a page refresh. Might work on making it resizeable but don't really see the benefit since you can just toggle show/hide. See OP for updated code.

      • Never mind, have made it resizable now too.

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