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25% off Storewide @ Goodr Sunglasses


Excellent sunglasses, I have a bunch of them and buy some whenever they’re on special.

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    Don’t mind Tifosi (I have a few from the Swick range).

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      What would you recommend instead?

      • I've had a good run with Oakley's (sport) and Raybans (leisure).

    • I have two pairs of these and some polarised Ray Bans. The frames on the Ray Bans are far superior, but these are great for running and biking, knowing you won't put scratch on your expensive pair.

  • I love these glasses. They are solid performers and a bit of fun. Would certainly buy again. I grabbed a few pairs last year (or the year before) for both my son and I, and they are great. I use mine mostly for running with and they don't bounce around, they stay in place and have great clarity. My son (9 years old) just loves the funky designs.

  • Do these have plastic or glass lenses? Plastic lenses scratch so easily they only last a month.

  • Love this brand for running and general beach wear. Super sturdy, they don't scratch and when you run with them there is zero bounce. Already have 4 pairs but maybe time to get some more haha

  • Have had bad luck with these. Bought multiple pairs but they got so scratched they were unusable within a few months.

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