WorkRide Employee Benefit EBikes

This sounds interesting: an employee benefit which apparently makes use of a tax advantage on e-bikes and salary sacrifice to allow employees to get a significant saving on e-bikes. I don't understand exactly how it works, but looks legit?


  • Dammit thats nice except for people who CANNOT ride a bicycle to work as it's either too far or not practical for other reasons. And theres NO public transport. As usual I seem to be caught in the middle. Don't want to spend $50-80K on an electric car. Oh well at least I have a job……

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      Do you have a return commute of more 100km?
      Can get 3 yr old Leafs for just over $20,000 with levy.
      Ebike can do 50km on a charge.
      I use to cycle 34km each way to work. I miss my long cycle commutes as it provided awesome mental health as well as physical health with little additional commuting time compared to a car.
      With my shorter 6km commuting to work I sometimes run to get a longer commute and more time to tune out of capitist money driven system we are part of. No need to go a gym for fitness when cycle commuting.

      • Living in auckland my main problem is getting across the bridge, Id love to be able ride a bike in with having to rely on a ferry to get across the harbor. If the ferries get cancelled for any reason you're basically stuck with you expensive bike in town and no way to get it back

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          No bike or walking across the bridge is just stupid. The Auckland council should have bike shuttles across the bridge.

  • Looks to be a great option and is a win win for employees and employers. Will be interesting to see what the uptake is like for employers signing up.

    • Agreed. I work for a corporate and have reached out to try and get them on board - would be awesome to see good uptake

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    I like the idea but have some misgivings about the 'gift' element when this is really a lease / rental arrangement with the promise of a gift. I'd feel more comfortable if I could easily see who actually is Workride - rather than the current aspirational twaddle in the FAQ.

    • Most competent payroll departments could probably handle the logistics of this system themselves if they wanted to and it would probably make financial sense to support it

      • For sure it is possible. I whipped a policy up for my own workplace earlier in the year and it was very simple to understand for end users, and for me to implement on the payroll end. It has been taken advantage of by a few staff. At the moment the government policy is pretty open, but over time they may tighten the scope ie. price caps etc.

        • Any chance you could share the policy you wrote? Something to give to my payroll department might motivate them to do the same. Also the power limit of the eBikes a hard limit? The bike I want for "commuting" has a much more powerful motor

          • @KevlarCoated: Normally the power limit is a software limitation which you can override but it might depend on the model.

  • Here's something from Deloitte so quite likely to be regarded as highly credible by payroll , or at least acceptable to finance folks.…

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