Soundbars - Thoughts on Harman Kardon?

Does anyone happen to have an experience with Harman sound bars?
I cant find too much about the premium version of this sound bar.…

Seems to have the same stats as non-premium without a subwoofer.

Any other early black friday sound bar deals?


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    For that price I would go with Samsung qc series or jbl 1000

    • Its $777 for black friday, does that change things?

      • Haven't looked for lowest but here is one for comparison. Probably try and compare.…

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          Cheers, i ended up getting the q700 for $638

          • @Foodie: Nice. Hope you enjoy it. Cheers.

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        Another note. Do check that wool finish personally. If I remember correctly, it is a dust magnet and since it's a speaker hard to clean as well. Think about the long term impact. Not saying it's bad, but personally I won't buy something with cloth finish which collects dust in a corner.

    • I'd give a +1 for the bar 1000, so far we're enjoying ours after a few days of ownership. The detachable rears is fantastic as we watch more tv than movies so leave them attached a lot then split them off for the odd movie night.

      The thing with a lot of the ones you can expand later is you end up paying through the nose for the rears and subs to add them on and then the rears need power as well. The 1000 having them battery powered as an option really opens up the option to put the things absolutely anywhere to get the best sound.

      • Which one do you have??

        • Jbl bar 1000

        • The JBL bar 1000. The Harmon Kardon is the same company I believe. If it had been the pbtech price when I got the JBL I might have opted to save the money and looked to add rears later. But I don't think the rears have batteries like the JBL offering. If you don't need HDMI inputs on the bar itself the JBL bar 800 is more like the Harmon Kardons pricing.

      • Im sure they sound great. A bit more than i wanted to spend unfortunately.
        One day I might really treat myself.
        Thanks for your suggestion though

  • I highly recommend considering the Sonos ecosystem and there are some good black friday deals that have just started.

    • Those seem to be in a different price bracket

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