International Package Shipping to UK

I'm trying to ship a care package to UK for Xmas.
NZ Post is quoting me $140 to send a 3kg 16x10x6cm box

Anyone has any recommendation on what to use? Kinda ridiculous given that the value of the item is <$20. (chocolate, pineapple lumps)


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    We have pretty much given up sending packages to the UK - we now order online (in the UK) and get them delivered from there. I would guess the same is likely true sending most other places too.

    That way, using your example, the recipients might get NZ$140 of goodies and you pay NZ$20 of freight for the same NZ$160 total.

  • For comparison my DHL account give 150 ex GST and we're an exporter on very good rates.
    Agree with the advice above on finding something more local

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    This online shop sells pineapple lumps for example and ships from the UK, so is perhaps a cheaper option.

  • NZPost is pretty much your only option, unless you know of a business that has an account. And those prices aren't even necessarily an improvement. Go with the other option and get it delivered from within UK. Means you can't personalise it so much of course…..

  • Cheers guys. Asked my company and they can do $62 shipped for 2kg box. When I calculated the cost using sanza and the others, it's roughly the same so probably going to go with company account to ship.
    Shame that the shipping is 3x the cost of the items…

  • 3 - 8kg is the worst weight to send. Try and keep it under 2kg, or go bold and send 10kg with FedEx.

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