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Free Formula 1 Mercedes Autographed Driver Cards @ Mercedes-Benz F1 Store


For the F1 Merc fanboys

You can get a FREE F1 Mercedes Driver Card and it's so easy to claim!

Click the deal button to be taken to the Mercedes store. Confirm NZ as the location, then fill in your details and that's it! You have a choice between Lewis Hamilton and George Russell. Your card will be sent to you. Just got mine, took about 6 weeks after filling in the details.

Use a throw away email address as they will send you marketing stuff.

By submitting this form, I understand that information (including personal data) entered into this form: (i) will be processed by Mercedes-Benz Grand Prix Limited (“MGP”) for purpose of considering and responding to responding to my fan request; (ii) will be held as long as is necessary to achieve this purpose; and (iii) will be shared with the postal service MGP utilises to deliver printed driver cards to fans. For more information about how MGP processes your personal data please see Privacy Policy for more.

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  • Thanks! are these actual autograph or just printed?

    • Printed, Don't think the driver will be impressed signing thousands of cards haha

    • +3

      https://ibb.co/w0CYjtv This is what they look like. Side note you get both cards even though you select your favorite driver.

      • George just gets a birthday 😂

        • Surely they could have at least put his one win in it haha

  • +1

    Thank you, F1 mercedes fanboy here!

    • +1

      Same same

    • Bet you've had a great couple of years then.

      • -1

        not lately though, heck the car sucks. Red Bull is ridiculously fast.

        BTW, did you see Alonzo vs Perez at Sao Paulo recently? What an incredible game.

        • I was being sarcastic above.

          Yeah they suck. Tried the game changer no side pod design and it flopped. Then kept it going again. What a fall from grace.

          Bring on McLaren now though 👍

          • +1

            @Jaxson: I hope Red Bull get nerfed a bit. It's quite a lot of fun to see the battle between ferrari, maclaren, mercedes and Alonzo lol

        • Not incredible at all, Perez is just dogshit this year. Couldn't even overtake an AM in his rocketship.

          • +1

            @KeepYourPantsOn: Honestly he is trash, I don't know why they are still putting up with him but I guess he is a good pair for Max given he isn't going to challenge him like daniel did years ago

  • Can't change country from Australia wth

    • Try going Incognito

  • I'm a pretty good driver and my sister in law has a Merc.

    I'd be happy to sign cards for anyone that is interested.

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