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I am looking to stain the deck and looking for advise please.
The deck was newly built with the house about 2 years ago.
But with the big house purchase never got the chance to stain the deck.

I think I should stain the deck now, as I can see some crack on the boards where the nails were put in, and slight warp.
I dont see any rot on the boards so far.

I am sure I would need to wash and clean the boards first, how do I find decking stain deals. and what would you recommended, Water or oil based stain?
Any particular brand to go for?



  • Do you know what type of timber your decking is? If not you can post up a picture and someone here will be able to tell you what it is. Knowing the timber type will mean people can give you more accurate advice.

  • I'd use oil (not stain). The one time I used stain it started to flake after 18 months and was a PITA to clean away.
    I've used Cabot's Natural Decking Oil on a kwila deck for the past 6 years. It's cheap and works.

  • Yeah sorta need to know the type of wood as different approaches/recommendations potentially.
    I have about 150m2 of (pine) decking and its a PITA tbh. BUT in saying that, I am glad I did/do it because I hate it when natural decking gets weird growth (eg black mold type stuff).
    I use Intergrain Ultradeck (water based oil) and it lasts really well in high traffic areas etc but it can be pretty slippery (esp when new); settles down fine though.
    Not sure on whether there are any deals or ways to make it cheaper - I have always been on the lookout but never seem to catch the stuff I need having any discounting.
    Basically what I do is. 1) Clean/sweep the deck to get most stuff off it. 2) Wet it down (I use pressure washer at a distance) 3) Brush on deck cleaner solution, scrub/agitate to get all the surface stuff off (let it sit/stay wet for 10min or so) 4) Wash it off thoroughly 5) Once dry, put the stain on x 3 coats.
    Water blasting (without due care) can really mess with a deck so just be cautious.

    • Thanks for the tips, this is the deck I have no idea what wood it is.

      So, I have checked Bunnings and Mitre10, they have Deck Stain or Oil, and then in deck stain they have water based and oil based.
      Should I be going for Deck oil? and not Deck stain(oil based)?

      • That's pine.
        You might want to punch some of those nails down as they look a bit raised to me.

        If the you had a hardwood like Kwila then I would suggest an oil to enhance the natural colour of the timber, however as yours is pine and you may want to change the colour (ie darken it) then a stain might be better.
        Here's a link to give a guideline as to the difference

        You definitely want to clean the deck down first. Either use a deck washing product or if you want to be a real cheapie then just use Napisan. I've used it many times and it works great.…

      • I would go and have a chat with the people in store - either at a Dulux (ie thats who make the Intergrain product) or in Bunnings/Mitre10 and talk to them about what you are wanting to do. They will have specific advice as to what product you should/could use.

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    I suggest using resene deck wash on it before oiling it to kill off any growth and clean it.. The only thing is they have very limited stock at the moment. I would avoid waster blasting as it can damage the timber.

    • Is resene better than hit the deck and other deck cleaners?

      • Not sure, but it maybe better priced, as it starts from $12.90 normal price ad sometimes they have sales. But Resene do make paints and oils, so they do create products to clean those surfaces before using their products on it.

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    If it's only a couple of years old it shouldn't need too massive a clean. Oil based stains in my experience seem to spread more evenly than the water based and are easier to apply, the cleanup is more of an effort though.

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      The Intergrain Ultradeck I use is a waterbased oil product - goes on easy, clean up is easy and durability is good too. There are probably other products that are also water based oils - this is just the one I use.

  • Smiths auctions Christchurch often has loads of paint and stains etc they go very cheap.
    Not sure if they would courier or maybe you know someone in Christchurch to pick up

  • Some courier companies will pickup and package and post.
    Haven't used that service personally

  • Make sure to use Schaeffers New Zealand Style Deck Sealant after

    • and make sure to trim your bushes around the deck !

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