Madrid, Spain on American Airlines from AKL $1714 (and a Random $1656 w/ Air China!), CHC $1700, WLG $1711 @ Beat That Flight


So I was watching NZ v Sri Lanka in the cricket last night and playing around with dates and found American Airlines has a sale on to Europe. Now this is odd because it almost never appears in my hundreds of searches - almost always, the cheapest path to Europe is heading NW from NZ to Australia/Asia and westwards to Europe, not eastwards through the US. So hey, a win!

So then I wrote a python script to check thousands of dates overnight, woke up to find it'd broken, fixed it, and ran it again, and it's just fnished now as I watch SA v Afghanistan, so time to post. These late night updates are hopefully going to decrease after the cricket world cup ends, although my 4 month old might have something to say about that ;)

Anyway, I've posted the best below.

What I nearly left out, but felt I should at least show it - on almost every date the cheapest way to Madrid was via AA - except for one date in March. I checked it manually, and indeed, while AA is $1714 that day, Air China is $1656. So I've left that in, in case :P

Now if Afghanistan's middle order could just roll over already, I might get an earlyish night ;)

Don't forget a hotel.

Auckland to Madrid

Dates: 10 Nov 23 - 31 Mar 24

Christchurch to Madrid

Dates: 20 Jan 24 - 11 Jun 24

Wellington to Madrid

Dates: 28 Nov 23 - 05 Jun 24

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    Thanks for all the hard work, I really appreciate your posts!

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      Thank you! It's satisfying when I find something decent that pops up like this!

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