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2x 60L Sodastream Cylinders for $53.99 + $8.00 Shipping (+ $10 off Per Cylinder When You Return & Refill) @ SodaStream


I know that sodastream refills can sometimes be picked up for about $26-27 but buying the two pack from sodastream at the moment works out at $30.99 each including shipping and it's not just for a refill but for an entire new cylinder.

When it comes time to refill, you can return multiple canisters and get $10 off the refill per cylinder you return so can make the deal quite cheap in the long run if you don't need the extra spares.

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    Thanks for this, so it works out $21 per refill if it's a bottle swap :) !!.

    Might you know the Bottle Swap Process ? will there be a return label or something, when I purchase the Refill ? or will be extra shipping back to Sodastream ?

    Have you tried this service ?


  • @Turborg Where does it state we can get $10 upon returning an empty canister?

  • Why does it say refill instead of spare in the title? Are you sure it's for 2x spare cilinders?

  • I'm confused… Are these two cylinders filled or empty? How do I go about the $10 off per cyclinder when you return & refill?

  • Has anyone ordered this and can confirm you get two full canisters?

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      Yes I ordered them and got two full canisters :)

      I can't recall about the $10 off thing. I swear i saw it somewhere that you're essentially getting your $10 "deposit" on the cylinder back when you go to refill but there was no limit on how many you could return at the same time but I can't for the life of me remember where it was so just ignore the $10 refund part. It's still a decent deal regardless

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