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Free Hot Cooked Chicken Voucher if No Hot Chickens Are Available (10am-8pm, Must Ask for Voucher) @ New World North Island


Summary: If you pop into a New World North Island store between 10am and 8pm and there are no hot cooked chickens available then you can ask for a voucher for a free hot cooked chicken… Doubt this deal will be around much longer now that there's a Stuff article about it!


Foodstuffs North Island Limited and each New World store in the North Island of New Zealand (New World) guarantee that from 12 July 2021 until otherwise notified by New World, there will be a Standard Hot Cooked Chicken available to purchase instore at all New World stores in the North Island between the hours of 10am and 8pm every day.

This promotion is valid instore only and is not available through New World’s online shop or through the mobile application. Not available at New World South Island stores.

A “Standard Hot Cooked Chicken” means one whole pre-cooked hot chicken of either a medium or large size. It does not include free range chicken, shredded chicken, uncooked chicken or any other chicken products.

If New World cannot deliver on this commitment, New World will give the customer 1 x voucher which entitles the customer to 1 x free Standard Hot Cooked Chicken to be used on another day at the specified New World store written on the voucher.

To be eligible to receive this voucher you must approach a New World staff member instore on the same day that you are unable to purchase a Standard Hot Cooked Chicken because there were none in stock. You cannot apply for the voucher retrospectively. 1x voucher per customer.

Customers must redeem the voucher instore. Vouchers are not redeemable for cash. Terms and conditions of the voucher, including expiry dates, may apply.

New World reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time.

North Island stores only.

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    We tried one the other night at about 745… They had plenty of chickens. :(

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    It's recently blown up on TikTok and a few radio shows talked about it as well, so likely they are overstocking chickens at the moment :(

    • Hmm, do they sell cold chickens the next day? That might be the real deal, if they have an abundance of hot chickens not being bought then they might end up selling for cheap the next day.

      • They turn leftovers into the deli shredded chicken

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        They do sell it cold, but it is not a deal. They shred the breast and sell it for $33/kg; the rest is sold as cold chicken 1/4 for around $5. One of my local New World Deli workers will give me two 1/4's for the price of one since they are small, but she's the only one who does it - I don't buy them for myself since they are a rip off, but my Nana likes them for a easy dinner.

  • Clearly read articles😂

    • Or maybe read the deal here on Choice Cheapies a few days ago, that lead to all the articles.

  • 🍿🍗

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  • This deals been around forever, far longer than 2021

  • Dang, the amount of times I've asked in store before 8 if they've got any chickens and they've had none and no voucher offerrd…. Now that it's blowing up the vouchers will stop being offered before if be able to get one! Lol

    • sounds like you got shafted

    • Just at Greville Road, Manukau and Waiata Shore stores by the looks of it.

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