Recommendations for Gaming/WFH Chair Please

Hi there,

I’m looking for recommendations for a good gaming/WFH chair for my partner.

He’s about 75kgs and works from his chair about ten hours daily.

His current chair is broken, and his birthday is coming up, so I would like to get him a good comfy chair with lumbar support.

Budget is $200 to max $450.

We’re based in Auckland.

Thanks in advance, and I’m thrilled to be here.

Long live the Cheapies ❤️


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    And welcome to Cheapies!

    • In the end bought Brateck CH05-7 and happy with it. It's comfortable to sit on it for 8+ hrs. Can't compare with others but no complaints on this one. Bought for around $280 I think.

      • Interesting, this chair certainly looks good. How's the lumbar support? And where did you snag that sweet price?

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          Seems fine to me. Again never had another chair with lumbar support so hard for me to compare.

          Currently it's $340 at cackle where I bought it from. Pbtech also sells the same.

  • I had a gaming chair (DXRacer) for around 3 years. I never found myself truly comfortable in it, always sitting at weird angles, etc. The best part about it was the adjustable armrests, though. A lot of people will also agree that it doesn't feel too great for your back.

    Recently decided comfort was king and looked around for a Life chair on Facebook marketplace and Trademe. Managed to grab one deep cleaned for $200 and found it extremely comfortable.

    • I agree - having sat on my DXRacer one for all of Covid - my next chair I will focus on comfort - I dont find it that comfortable really definitely not soft.

    • My cats has eaten the arm rests :(

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    I'd highly recommend checking out TradeMe and Facebook Marketplace for a decent second-hand full ergonomic ex-office chair - lots of availability as you're AKL based. Much better than anything you can buy at Warehouse, and would recommend mostly avoiding 'gaming' chairs.

    Some brands to look for specifically: Steelcase, Formway/Knoll, Buro, Herman Miller. Once you get an idea of what these chairs look like, it's possible to snag a bargain when someone who doesn't know what they have lists simply as 'office chair'. But some good prices in your price range.

    Random examples:……

  • Recently bought this mesh chair from Costco, currently selling for $339.99, very nice chair, two on display in store you can sit on.

    This is the AU Costco link.…

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    I picked up a $2,500 Herman Miller Aeron chair for under $100 from an All Heart Store. They resell old office equipment for charity. It did need some repairs to the seat but otherwise I'm really happy.

    I was originally going to pick up a Formway Generation chair for $250 but they have more chairs than are listed on the website including a room full of $20 chairs. I would recommend going out for a visit and finding one that you like.

    • All Heart are an amazing find. So wish they had a place in the south island. Currently in the market for a new office chair and the selection available down here is very dry right now.

  • Thanks everyone ❤️

    You guys are awesome! 🥰

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      Yeah, but what'd you decide on?

  • I second the Herman Miller Aeron. Got mine on TM for $500, worth every penny. If you want a good chair, don't go for the cheap budget ones. Get a proper good chair like the Herman Miller or Steelcase Leap and they will last for life.

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