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Win 1 of 500 Bosch BITURBO Brushless Tools from Bosch



Closing Date 04/02/2024


Description Bosch BITURBO Brushless Tool
No. of Prizes 500

Entry Requirements

Entry Limit One per person
Entry Methods Website
Prerequisites Survey/Questionnaire

Test a high-performance BITURBO Brushless tool. Tell us what you think. And the tool is yours to keep!

What is the BITURBO test?
The BITURBO test gives you the chance to test and keep our high-performance BITURBO tools for absolutely free – as long as you post a video about it.

Which criteria do I have to meet to be chosen for the BITURBO test?
Our selection criteria is simple: Make sure you fill in all sections of the registration form. Give us a persuasive answer to the question: "Why would you like to join the BITURBO test?"

As only a limited number of tools are available for the promotion, we unfortunately cannot take all received applications into consideration. We hope for your understanding!

*Clearly mark your video and/or post as an “advertisement” or “promotional video”. The guidelines of the respective platform provider must be strictly observed. If the participant does not comply with these regulations and Bosch becomes aware of this, the participant shall be obliged to delete the posting immediately at the request of Bosch. Bosch shall also be entitled to exclude the participant from the promotion. When making the video, data protection regulations must also be observed. In particular, third parties must not be filmed without their consent.

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  • Requires a bit of luck. Might be more of a competition.

    • shall I change it, or keep as is? please let me know.

      • +1

        No idea to be honest. I'll report it and get the mods to sort it.

  • Looks like they're primarily looking for tradespeople with an active social media presence, more than luck tbh. I would have done it but get the feeling they're after someone who would be a good promoter of their product, which I wouldn't be. I have maybe 20 followers on my YT channel, last video 6 years ago 🤣

    • More than me. I've got one I think 😄

      • +2

        "Wakrak coupon tips" - I'd subscribe haha

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