RC Car/Truck Suggestions

Hi all,

My sons birthday is coming up, and was wondering where to buy a good RC toy for him.
Dont need any thing very fancy, probably something under $100.

I have seen some options on Warehouse/Kmart, but dont know what to look out for..
With black friday coming up, though I would ask now so I can track prices.



  • Previous posts on here

    Mostly from Bangood

    • Go with one of these for sure!

  • @kiwijunglist Any 2023 recommendations?

  • Aliexpress/Banggood. Temu maybe.

  • My boy was given a RC stunt car that is lots of fun. Can drive on both sides and left and right wheels are linked and can flip separate from the body.
    I'm surprised it's only $20 at Kmart. Being rechargeable via USB is great. It's way faster and better than the Monster Jam ones that are $40 at the Warehouse.


  • You're missing age of kid.
    Additionally is it for playing inside or on driveway/pavement or on short cut grass.

    The AliExpress ones are better and faster, but faster is actually harder to drive for a kid.

    The spreadsheet linked above is good for older children if you want something budget but higher end, although a lot of the cars will be around $150-200 and you need to consider battery charger and battery safety (they catch fire if improperly used).

    • Actually good point,
      I dont see my son being able to play with my Flyhal for a few years yet. And I cant really play with it at my own house. Need to take it to a park or similar

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