Cheapest GPU I Could Buy Using PayPal Payment

Looking For A Gpu To Upgrade My Ryzen 5 2400g That Is Just Using The Vega 11 Apu

i will be building a new pc next year this is why i just want something cheap


  • How cheap?

    I've used bidbud to get some good cheapies on trademe. $650 for my 3080 for example

    • i only have money on paypal and cant cash it out to my bank account so i want to spend the paypal money

      i would like to spend less then 200 if possible because i do see a point spending more when im building a new one next year

      • You could over spec for your current set up and transplant what you get in to your new one next year. Seems a waste of $200 to buy knowing you'll be getting rid of it. As long as your current psu is up to the challenge just accept a cpu bottleneck until you upgrade that.

        Sub $200 you won't get loads, I'd imagine an old RX Radeon or 10 series NVIDIA card. If you're lucky intelmwere selling new arc cards a few weeks back but I don't think I'd recommend those without resizable bar.

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  • It's been a while since I used PayPal, but in my mind, I could somehow pay from my PayPal account, using a credit card.

    If so, then you could use it almost anywhere.

    Is that a thing - or did I just imagine it?

  • Do you have wise? You can transfer your paypal balance to wise card. Sorry not sure why only using paypal so asking.

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    Built a few cheap gaming PCs for friends. Rx580 8gb $150 off AliExpress and pay through pay pal

    • cool i had a look i see them as low as 122nzd that is with tax not bad

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        Best value GPU for budget gaming IMO not so much the 4gb model tho. So try grab the 8gb.

        • thanks

        • Any specific model or seller, or any Soyo branded ones are good, reliable enough?

          • @banyanya: Cards this old will certainly be used cards. FYI RX580 is like GTX 1060 performance.

            Thinking about it, a Geforce Now Australia subscription might be more bang for the buck.

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