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10 Free New World Dollars When You Switch to New World Dollars as Your Reward Currency @ Flybuys


Unsure if targeted, it appeared in my Flybuys App in the Extras section. Valid from Monday 9th October - Sun 29th October.

I believe you won’t be eligible if your reward currency is already set to New World dollars.
For reference mine is currently set to the fuel discount.

You can choose New World Dollars as your Flybuys reward currency?
Every 28 Flybuys earned converts to 5 New World Dollars, and 1 New World Dollars equals $1NZD, which can be used in-store or online at New World.
Switching is easy! follow the link below to choose your currency.
Choose now
PLUS, make the switch to New World Dollars by Sunday 29th October and New World will load 10 FREE New World Dollars to get you started!

Terms and conditions

  • Choose New World Dollars as your reward currency at flybuys.co.nz/choose-currency from Monday 9th October 2023 to Sunday 29th October 2023 (inclusive) ("Promotion Period") and receive 56 bonus Flybuys which will convert to 10 bonus New World Dollars ('Offer').
  • To receive the Offer, your reward currency must be set to New World Dollars during the Promotion Period and remain New World Dollars until Sunday 12th November 2023.
  • Fifty six (56) bonus Flybuys will be loaded to your Flybuys account within 10 working days of the end of the Promotion Period and will convert to 10 New World Dollars loaded onto your nominated Clubcard.
  • Offer available once per Flybuys account holder and only to recipients of this communication.
  • You must be an Account Owner to make a reward currency selection. Flybuys Membership and Reward Currency Terms and Conditions apply and are available here [l.p.flybuys.co.nz).
  • New World Clubcard Terms and Conditions apply and are available here [l.p.flybuys.co.nz].

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  • +1

    My reward currency is currrently set for Z fuel and the free NW dollars offer is showing in my app under the extras section.

  • Aw man, changed mine over last week as i had 41 flybuys expiring just to find out they dont get converted to new world dollars. Had to buy new world dollars from the flybuys store -_- im sure years ago i changed it and they just changed over automatically

    • No. Right from the start conversion has always applied to new points only, not to existing points.

  • My account was already set to NW dollars and still showed the 'deal'. I clicked on the link to choose and reconfirmed NW dollars. Will see what happens.

    • +1

      Its only valid for changes from Monday 9th, so might be better to cjange to something else and then change back on Monday

      • Cheers, might just re-choose on Monday

  • +1

    You need to keep your points on New World until at least the 12th November, so if you don't ordinarily want to accrue New World points, best leave doing this until the end of the month.

  • Anyone know what happens to new world dollars you already have if you change to other rewards for this promo before Monday (then change back to NW rewards after Monday to qualify…)?

    • You will keep your existing NW dollars if you switch. All that happens is you then start accumulating in the new currency (Flybuys or Z Fuel) from that point on.
      Whether this is enough to work for the promo by changing back again from Monday I don’t know. Main thing is you won’t lose your balances.

  • This deal seems to have disappeared

    • That's a bit weird. It's gone from my app as well and I know it was definitely there last week.
      It was only due to start today so hopefully just some fine tuning before it's back.

    • -2

      Maybe not post it in advance but on the day ?

    • Same 😕

  • Anyone received their NW dollars?

    • Nope, nothing.

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