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Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max $37 + Shipping ($0 CC/ in-Instore) @ Harvey Norman


Enhance your entertainment experience with the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max Streaming Device! A perfect addition to your smart home, this stick lets you enjoy convenient, smooth, and fast streaming in 4K Ultra HD resolutions. It also comes packed with an Alexa Voice Remote, so you can quickly get help to find your shows, manage your content, and control other compatible devices hands-free.

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Harvey Norman NZ
Harvey Norman NZ

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  • Is this better than google chromecast?

    • It has some technical advantages that may be useful to some:
      WiFi 6 (may give you faster speeds if you have a WiFi 6 router)
      The newer AV1 codec (not on chromecast 4k)- mainly useful if you have a data cap or slow broadband

      • Thanks! It's annoying my chromecast 4k doesn't play av1 on plex, will give this one a try!

    • Yes and no
      If you want something cheap to use with Netflix etc they work fine I have a couple and they are nice and quick

  • +1

    Been thinking about this for a while. Can Kodi be installed on it, or is it limited to whatever apps provided in Amazon's marketplace thing? If not, is there a possibility to sideload Kodi? Cheers.

    • +1

      Yes you can sideload once you have turned on developer options. I use Downloader which you can get from the app store and then go from there.

    • Can install kodi however my kodi 19 stopped working for some reason. Never looked into it as got a shield pro

  • Great deal

  • any price matching shenanigan?

  • showing out of stock in Auckland

  • +1

    Just tried to price match with Noel Leeming, but they said it was a different model Number. They do have that model in store but not online, so they gave me a discount code.

    • Looks like Harvey Norman is clearing out the gen 1 model. 2nd gen (2023) is full price at $128 which is the same model number as listed on Noel Leeming site.

      How much discount did they give you?

      • +1

        Price matched with Harvey Norman, but as you say, it's the old model which they have in Store

      • +1

        When's Google going to release another Chromecast? Their whole range outside of phones seems to be a bit dated at this point

    • Not sure if it was a staff labeling error or what but I picked up 2 of the 2nd Gens for $37 in Wgtn (box says 2nd gen, wifi 6 etc..). Didn't realise there were 2 versions. I'm in two minds to return the 2nd one since I prefer the interface of the Chomecast 4k.

      • Ill grab this off if you want as i need one before the inlaws come over ..

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