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PlayStation 5 Disc Console $718 + Shipping ($0 CC/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi & Mighty Ape (or $719 at The Warehouse, Noel Leeming)


PlayStation 5 Disc Edition is marked down 20% at JB Hi-Fi, dropping from $899 to $718.

Also on sale at:

^ Thanks Matrixx and devalchemy

Sony store will price match and do free delivery if you want to go down that route.

Tried editing the link and title to highlight the cheaper JB price but it won't let me.

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  • seems like TWH and JBHIFI's got it for same price tpp? Weird its gone on sale all of sudden this much.
    TWH - https://www.thewarehouse.co.nz/p/ps5-console-%28strictly-1-u…
    JBHIFI - https://www.jbhifi.co.nz/gaming/games/Gaming-Consoles/playst…

    • Nice. It'll be a days of play style promotion, the first party games are all on sale too.

  • +7

    Sony making their money back through those ridiculous PS Plus price increases…

    • Yup, unfortunately I still line their pockets by paying for PS membership.

      Tried multiple times to buy via the Turkey method with no luck 🙃

    • have already stopped the PS plus subscription :)
      will buy games and play offline

    • -1

      that is why pc is better most game don't need to pay to play online

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    Looks like same deal on Mighty Ape if you want faster delivery: https://www.mightyape.co.nz/sales/20193/ps5-console-deal-for…

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    Can get 5% off Jb HiFi gift cards using entertainment book if anyone wants to try further discounts.

    • +1

      Mine is showing as 4% off gift cards? With a 1.25% fee. So essentially 2.75% off?
      $680.40 for $700 gift card + $18 top up

    • It's only 4% now and there's a 1.25% credit card surcharge. Hardly seems worth the effort as risk of being stuck with $720 of gift cards to save $19.

      • Yup that credit card fee is bit high. I just pointed out if someone wants to save a bit more. Not sure if there is still $10 off code flying around for Mightyape?

    • what is this

    • Does anyone know how long it takes for the digital JB Hi-Fi gift cards to arrive after purchase? Is it really 2 business days like it says on the app?

  • Is it worth waiting for the PS5 pro/slim to be released?

    • A Pro model would likely cost more money than the original, so unless you're unhappy with the performance of the base model and feel like you need more raytracing, it's not worth the wait .
      Slim will likely replace the base model's price point but with the same functionality, so unless the base model is too big for your furniture I'd skip the slim and jump on this, it's a great deal and the cheapest it's ever been.

    • I have been waiting for slim for a while, had PS5 but sold it because personally the PS5 is just ugh, worst looking console of PS family

  • $757 at Harvey Norman with a $60 gift card. So effectively makes it $697?

    • +1

      If you have AMEX you get $50 off spending $250 or more. Makes it $647

    • Price match surely

      • Would they give the gift card when price matching?

  • $708 at MightyApe using the code HELLOMIGHTY

    or for AMEX customers - try a price match at Harvey Norman and get $50 off when spending $250 or more.

    • HELLOMIGHTY stopped working a few weeks back.

  • +2

    Finally picked one up after years of waiting. Went with Noel Leeming as have a local store but remembered to sign up to a new My Noel Leeming account to get the welcome $10 off, so brought it down to $709 and I get it today. Stoked.
    "Best of all, when you join for FREE you get a $10 voucher^ to spend on any purchase over $100. Sound good? There's more where that came from."


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