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Watch All Rugby World Cup Matches Live & Free @ ITVX App (VPN Connected to UK Required)


8am Sunday South Africa vs Ireland should be a great game

  • Download VPN to phone
  • Connect VPN to UK
  • Create ITV account (email + password + UK postcode + name/age etc)
  • Download ITVX app
  • Start ITVX App and stream game

I use NordVPN. No issues. There is an option to cast but I haven't tested that.

If you use Kodi there's an addon viwX as well instead of using the app, still need ITV account of course.

Prime has some games free as well.

Quarter-final 2 (Winner Pool B v Runner-Up Pool A), from 7.30am, Sunday October 15
Quarter-final 4 (Winner Pool A v Runner-Up Pool B) from 7.30am, Monday October 16
Semifinal 1 (Winner QF1 v Winner QF2), from 7.30am, Saturday October 21
Bronze Final, from 7.30am, Saturday October 28
Final, from 7.30am, Sunday October 29

Delayed 90 minutes after kickoff:
All Blacks v Italy, from 9.30am, Saturday Sept 30
All Blacks v Uruguay, from 9.30am, Friday October 6
Quarter-final 1 (Winner Pool C v Runner-Up Pool D), from 5.30am, Sunday October 15
Quarter-final 3 (Winner Pool D v Runner-Up Pool C), from 5.30am, Monday October 16
Semifinal 2 (Winner QF3 v Winner QF4), from 9.30am, Sunday October 22

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  • I think the Ireland vs South Africa game is on at 7am

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      daylight savings, one free hour of sleep

      • Ah yes of course

      • +7

        Won't it be one less hour of sleep? Clocks going forward or am I missing something here?

      • one less hour

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    I've been using DNS4ME reasonably successfully. I had some initial errors steaming live content, but all the rugby has worked first or second go. I've mainly be using the xbox one app.

    • I would recommend this over a VPN as it won't affect speed like a VPN does.

    • Thanks for the recommendation. I'd definitely prefer a DNS over VPN… if it works! Less chance of lag.
      Have you been using the ITVX app as well or something else?

      • I've been away for the week, and I tried out the itvx app on the xbox again to watch France and Namibia. It worked perfectly, but other channels I could not stream live at all, and some on demand content worked and some didn't. Seems a bit hit and miss, but the rugby streaming has worked for me. I have dabbled on the android app while away but had to use a vpn as I don't have the ability to set the dns.

        • You can set the DNS on Android phones too.
          You just need to tap "IP Settings" when viewing your connected WiFi network, choose "Static" and then update the DNS entry.

    • +1

      Got a 10% off code if anyone needs it. PM me (it's not a referral code but I prefer not to post it publicly since it's from a private forum).

    • Any free alternatives for ios iphone/Shield?

  • Weirdly I've always had issues with itv-x live tv on my fire stick. Rugby World cup starts and it's been working ok since which is a result.

    Definitely always been more reliable in a browser but a fire stick is a decent way to go generally for UK content using Nord VPN.

    • I've only tried it for the rugby world cup, it's been hit n miss for me on the xbox, but the rugby has streamed pretty well without a hitch, some of the other content not so much. I wonder if it's coming off a separate server or cache somewhere.

  • The app seems to have terrible reviews on Google play store.

  • Yeah I can't get the app to stream live content. Tried via dns4me, and via a vpn, neither would stream live. Can play on demand content though.

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