Any Type of Weekly Meal Planner App That Considers Current Specials?

I've just started having a look at the Grocer website today and was just wondering what else exists out there doing similar things. Is there any type of website or app that considers the current specials at a store and suggests dinner meal plans? I'm guessing not but how cool would that be! A kind of DIY My Food Bag that maximises the current groceries on special that week. Hit me up with any other meal planning/ grocery selecting apps!
(Additional context - family of 2 adults, 1 toddler, 1 fussy preschooler)


  • Thats actually a good business idea. But im keen to hear any ideas. Thanks for pointing this out.

    • Yeah I’d happily pay for something like this! Feel free to start the business 😂

  • Haven't used it, but maybe?

    • Cool I’ll take a look at this

      • Sweet. Let us know if you find one that's worthwhile.

  • Have a look at DIYMealKitNZ.

    I’ve downloaded but not had a good try out yet. Seems to offer a bunch or recipes you can scale per head against Countdown and add the ingredients to a shopping list. Not sure how long it’s been around for but the questions I asked through the “help’ WhatsApp chat were answered quickly.

    Whether it takes account of specials I don’t know.

    • And will also look at this one!

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