Best Way to Purchase an iPhone 15 Pro

As per title. After any cheapies tips for the most cost-effective way to buy an iPhone 15 Pro. Whether it's just an outright purchase, or going through one of the carriers.

From what I can see, 2Degrees has currently the best interest free deal if trading in a 13 Pro Max or newer on their 36 month $60 plan.



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  • Buying outright will most likely always be cheaper, but it depends on your situation.

    From what I can see, 2Degrees has currently the best interest free deal if trading in a 13 Pro Max or newer on their 36 month $60 plan.

    Have you done the math, if this is good?
    * 13 Pro max - private sale value
    * 36 * $60 = $2160
    * Upfront payment?

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    A 12 month, $60+ contract might be worth considering with 2Degrees as it qualifies for the $500 iPhone discount and 50% off for 6 months of the contract if you a new customer. That was you can change to a cheaper prepay plan for example after the 12 months is up.

    Then private sell your iPhone 13 Pro Max?

    • yep this is the best I can find!

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        I’ve preordered the standard 128gb iPhone 15 this way and it works out at $1690 in total over 12 months for the phone and their $60 p/m contract. Thought it was too good to be true!

        • do you know how the 50% off the plan works? I'm just about to check-out and can't see it applied

          • @hummerh40: I was told instore that the 50% plan discount should process from month 2 of the contract but I’ve been struggling to find T&Cs about that deal specifically.

        • Did you have to trade in your old phone though? The Ts and Cs say this:

          "Saving: $500 Interest Free saving available when you purchase interest free on a $60+ Pay Monthly Plan + $1025 Trade In value for iPhone 13 Pro Max 128GB. Half Price Plan: New Customers only. Discount repayable if you end your plan within 9 months. Phone must meet trade in criteria. Interest Free, Trade In, Plan and Promotional T&C’s apply"

          • @mycomputer: The $500 saving is seperate to the trade-in value. It’s applied to the phone cost then the remaining cost of the phone is spread across the contract term.

        • @dunnersdealer let us know when it ships. On the website it said if it doesn't ship this Friday then it could take up to 6 weeks to find stock.

          That may only apply to the Pro's tho.

          • @hummerh40: I picked the phone up on Friday (release day). I pre-ordered early on so I think that helped.

            • @dunnersdealer: @dunnersdealer good to hear of a success story! My phone repayments have started to go through but no comms as of yet from 2degrees about delivery expectations

              • @hummerh40: Same here! Bought the pro max in Nat Titanium from 2D last week have called a few times but they have said that no stock has come in! Today received a call and they said that only 16 people have got their phones from 2D Ormiston and none of them were the pro variants. Getting a bit impatient now.

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                  @asinha011: @asinha011 yeah, lack of updates gets me more than anything

  • Buy duty free? Almost a $300 saving doing so

    • Combine it with q mastercard for atleast another $200 saving.

      • Can't do finance on tax free

        • How does swiping a card relate to finance? You need to use q card as a credit card, that's what the deal is. Not for finance.

          From T&C

          Offer valid for standard purchases only. Excluding Long Term Finance purchases.

          • @ace310: Ah swipe is fine but not the long term 12 months etc
            It is a thing for people to take out contracts and flee the country

  • 2Degrees Business Plan($30/m +GST) through Farmsource with $500 signup bonus.

  • They do offer it on their business plans also.
    Signed up for 15 PM during the pre- order phase.

  • Sorry for the noob question, but could someone please explain how Farmsource works? Do I need to have a business and meet a minimum spend/purchase requirement to avail discounts? I couldn't figure this out looking at their website.

    • No requirement at all, you just need to sign up through their website, wait for your card to arrive and start saving.

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    Has anyone actually tried signing up for their Farmsource plan (as a new customer) and getting the $500 discount with the phone. Can't see any mention of being able to do it on their site and support hasn't gotten back to me.

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