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Q Mastercard: Spend $2000 Get $200 Back, Spend $3000 Get $300, or Spend $5000 Get $500 Back in the First 60 days (New Signups)


In case you missed the last offer —

Do more of the things you love with Q Mastercard®

Complete your application^ for a Q Mastercard using the promo code SPENDANDGET by 3 November 2023 and if approved, spend up to $5,000 in your first 60 days on standard purchases to get up to $500 back*

Once your card has been activated, spend in your first first 60 days to qualify for one of the following credit backs:

Spend $2,000 to get a $200 credit back
Spend $3,000 to get a $300 credit back,
or Spend $5,000 to get a $500 credit back*.

Offer valid for standard purchases only. Excluding Long Term Finance purchases.

With Q you also enjoy a minimum of 3 months, zero interest, zero payments^ on all standard purchases, big or small. Always.

So, whether you need a little bit of breathing space, you’re gearing up for the holidays, or planning your next trip, Q’s got you covered.

Let’s get started!

Offer available to new customers only.

Things You Should Know

^Lending criteria, $50 annual Account Fee, fees, Ts&Cs apply. Zero interest, zero payments for three months available on all Q Mastercard Standard Purchases (excludes Long Term Finance and Cash Advances). Standard Interest Rate, currently 27.89% p.a., applies to outstanding balance at end of interest free period. Rate and fees subject to change.

Q Mastercard Spend & Get 18 September – 3 November 2023

Promotional Terms and Conditions: Spend & Get up to $500 back.

  • Promotional offer (“Promotion”) is available for all new completed applications received online for a Q Mastercard from 12:00am 18 September 2023 to 11:59pm NZT 3 November 2023 (inclusive) (“Offer Period”), using the promo code ‘SPENDANDGET’.
  • To be eligible to redeem this offer you must enter the promo code ‘SPENDANDGET’ in the promo field on the first page of your application. By using or attempting to use the promo code, you agree to be bound by these promotional terms and conditions.
  • New Q Mastercard customers approved from online applications completed using the promo code ‘SPENDANDGET’ during the Offer Period (“Eligible Customers”) may qualify to earn a credit back for Standard Purchases (Long Term Finance transactions excluded) as follows (each, a “Credit Back”):
  • Eligible Customers who spend between $2,000-$2,999 within 60 days after the account has been opened, will receive a credit back of $200; or
  • Eligible Customers who spend between $3,000-$4,999 within 60 days after the account has been opened, will receive a credit back of $300; or
  • Eligible Customers who spend $5,000 or over within 60 days after the account has been opened, will receive a credit back of $500.
  • Promotion excludes any new accounts created in line with Long Term Finance (“LTF”) purchases such as Flexi Pay purchases and fixed instalments (“LTF New Account”). * * * New accounts created online and with a first purchase being a Long Term Finance purchase are deemed a LTF New Account and are not eligible for this Promotion.
  • Any purchases made on Q Mastercard during the Offer Period that have been cancelled, refunded, returned or suspended before 31 January 2024 will not be eligible for inclusion in the Offer.
  • The Credit Back will be applied by Friday 9 February 2024 to each qualifying customer’s Q Mastercard account.
  • The Credit Back is not negotiable or redeemable for cash.
  • The entity responsible for this Promotion is Columbus Financial Services Limited (“Promoter”).
  • The Promoter reserves the right to amend, suspend or terminate the Offer and these promotional terms and conditions at any time without notice.
  • Any decisions made by the Promoter in relation to this Promotion are final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  • Acceptance of a Credit Back is deemed consent for the Promoter to use the winner’s details for promotional and media purposes.
  • Except for any liability that cannot be excluded by law, the Promoter shall not be liable for any loss, damage, personal injury whatsoever, including but not limited to indirect or consequential loss, which is suffered or sustained arising out of or in connection with the Offer.
  • Q Mastercard terms and conditions apply. Terms defined therein have the same meaning when used in these promotional terms and conditions. Click here for full detailsAND

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  • +1

    So difference compared to last now is they have removed the no annual fee with this code?

  • +1

    This is a good way to get a wee discount on the new iPhone 15. Purchase it using this card and you’ll get around $200-$300 back depending on which model you purchase.

  • +3

    The Credit Back will be applied by Friday 9 February 2024 to each qualifying customer’s Q Mastercard account.

    Just if you were expecting it to arrive quickly.

    • +1

      And when they say 'by' they actually mean the day before, or on Friday 9th Feb 2024 xD

      With this promotion that ran just recently it said 'by' 15th Sept, and it looked like quite a few of us received just a day before haha, still a good promo though!

  • Never had a card like this but would this also work if I was to transfer money from this account (?) or does it need to be in store by swipe.

    E.g. If i transfer $5000 to a business from a invoice would i qualify for the 500 back?

    • Excludes cash advance, so would depend if it was charging your card with the credit card number or if it was a transfer of money from your account to theirs

  • +1

    I don’t see a stand down period as to when you become a new customer again. EG ASBs terms stipulated you couldn’t hold the card in the last 12 months.

    Does anyone know if I could cancel now and reopen and been considered new or would I have had to close it by 17th Sept to be considered new?

    • I believe most will be 6 months grace atleast

    • Also considering cancelling my current Q Mastercard to get this promo. Anyone know?

  • Credit to @atoms from the previous post

    Some ideas on how to manufacture spend:
    - Prepay whatever you need for future use, ie gas gift cards, supermarket gift cards, Prezzy cards (fees apply), prepay electricity or gas, rates (fees apply), I suggest looking at your usual spending to see what you can buy in advance
    - If you deal with IRD, you can pay with a card (fees apply)
    - Some physical retailers let you purchase something online and then refund it to a debit card in store. This is costly to a retailer and there would only be a few left that have not cracked down on it
    - Buy something on Trademe, pay with Ping, resell, and hopefully with an extra profit

  • If you deal with IRD, you can pay with a card (fees apply)

    I owe a resonably significant amount in income tax (yeah, thanks previous employer, good one) … could this apply?

    • Yeah im in the same boat, have some tax to pay by the beginning of next year, you can pay with your credit card, but you'll have to pay the fee, cant remember what the fee was though.

  • +2

    Looks like a good deal.

    Just to confirm though, it will cost $50 in annual fees so the reality is the credit back total eg $500 minus $50 annual fee = $450. is that correct?

    • there's also a $55 establishment fee…

      • I believe thats just for long term finance which is different from "everyday spend" all a bit confusing tbh.

  • If only they did this before the Auckland fuel taxes went back on!

  • need to book a flight asap, how long until i get the card to purchase most likely?

    • +1

      I got mine within 2 weeks after getting approval.

      • Do you get the card number prior for internet purchases? I found their website was appalling. Forget applying on Firefox.

        • You can use your account for Long Term finance(After approval) but not for other purchases. Below is the email I got after approval.

          Ta-da! Your Q Mastercard is on its way!

          Enjoy 3 months zero interest, zero payments on any purchase, always. Standard Interest Rate of 27.89% p.a. applies after the end of interest free period.

          You'll receive your new Q Mastercard within the next 10 working days. However, you can make Long Term Finance purchases at any of our merchant partners nationwide before your card arrives. You'll just need your ten digit Customer ID, which you can find above. An Establishment fee of $55 applies to your first LTF transaction, a $35 Advance Fee applies to all subsequent LTF transactions. Expired Promotional Rate, currently 27.99% p.a. applies to any outstanding balance at end of LTF interest free period.

  • I was declined, and I'm still trying to get a bit of info as to why.

    I'll not go into too many specifics of my personal finances, but suffice to say I'm really surprised.

    I understand how these things are assessed but even so… perfect record, good salary, average sized mortgage (no other debts/loans/liabilities except one other card we fastidiously use and pay off for points).

    Single income with two kids might have done it. Changed jobs two months ago perhaps a contributing factor? Still disappointing.

    • Dam that sucks, did they get back to you on why they declined you?

      • Not yet. I'm dead to them now I suppose. They have a link to inquire but that 404's. Savage.

      • Still no reply. Classy. Guess all they care about is mainlining that sweet 27.89% p.a. when their customers eventually succumb to cost of living.

        • Dam…lol, yeah I remember they were pretty slow to respond whenever I queried them on anything

  • NL offering something similar with Gem Finance (get a NL gift card instead of cashback)

  • +1

    Just as a warning, I signed up to this and did not get the $500 credited back after spending $5000 on the card during the promotional period and despite confirming with them multiple times on the phone that the promotion was in place. They are attempting to weasel out in saying my account wasn't approved within the promotional time frame despite screenshots clearly stating it is when you apply not when they approve it, and only saying that at the end once I had spent the money with them.

    I am now having to take them to disputes tribunal and pretty grossed out by their constant lies - even when eventually getting the $500 from them I would not feel like it is worth dealing with them.

    • +1

      Was this for the previous round they ran this promotion? (

      The T&C's say 'The Credit Back will be applied by Friday 15 September 2023 to each qualifying customer’s Q Mastercard account'

      I literally got the $500 credit on the Thursday 14th September.

    • so was yours approved outside of their promo period?

    • I was also worried about this in their [previous promotion] ( as there is no confirmation of the promotion being applied when you join up.

      I called to confirm and the first two agents said I was not eligible for the discount and they were adamant that I had missed applying the promo-code. Luckily I had screenshots from the day to prove I visited the promotional website on the day.

      I was escalated to a manager from Hmm Finance who then retracted their statements and confirmed I was eligible would receive the promotion.

      This took a lot of time (probably 2-3 hours of calls and at least 10 emails) and in retrospect was a frustrating experience.

      Plus, my card took over 25 days to arrive in the mail.

      It was only just worthwhile for $500. I would not go through that headache for less so you betta be planning to spend $5,000.

      • +1

        I screenshot the page when I entered the promo code also the entire promotion page. Received the card within a week and I will only call them if I don't receive the cashback by Friday 9 February 2024

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