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Dyson Outsize Absolute Handstick Vacuum Cleaner $999 (RRP $1599) @ Harvey Norman Mt Wellington (in Store Only)


Was browsing around and found this down from 1099, from when I last posted the deal. Seems like a good price for what it is. Asked the staff is they had stock and they said they have around 30.

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Harvey Norman NZ
Harvey Norman NZ

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  • What does ‘outsize’ mean?

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      Googs says the Outsize model is a

      larger, more powerful stick vacuum with over twice the dust bin capacity, more suction, and a wider cleaning path than older V Series models.

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        Wondered if it was an outside model or something lol

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          Many times model differences are close to nil but they have different names and release dates just to trick customers into buying them because they are better than the other. Not saying this is exactly the case here but this does happen a lot.

      • Is the code WELCOME5 still working?

  • I think this is a good deal.

    I'm not a vacuum cleaner expert, but based on what I have found in the last 5 minutes, the Outsize Absolute is equivalent to the Dyson v15 Detect. It actually says that on the website at the very bottom - "Compared to Dyson V15 Detect":

    And here's the price of the v15 detect:

    I actually saw the v15 detect on display at the Albany Store for $899. However, it's missing all the accessories, like the charger, etc. You basically don't get these:

    Digital Motorbar™ cleaner head
    Fluffy Optic™ cleaner head
    Combination tool
    Crevice tool
    Hair Screw tool
    Wand Clip
    Docking station

    So at only $100 more, I think this deal is a bargain.


    • Do you get the floor dok with this ?

      • Not sure what you mean by floor dock. It looks like it comes with a drop-in dock:

        Also, might be worthwhile to get this:

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          So I went there today to check it out in person. The weight is OK, it's not as heavy as I thought it would be. It's definitely useable. The floor stand is an additional $159. Extension hose is $29 extra, which you'll probably need if you want to vacuum tight corners, like in your car.

          The biggest turn off for me is the battery. It costs $220 to replace a new one and it'll only last about 2~3 years. On Auto mode, it'll last 30 mins and Eco mode it'll last 60 mins and Boost mode it'll last 15 mins. So if you keep it on Auto, you use it for 30 mins and then you'll have to recharge it for 3~4 hours before you can use it again. I think I'll stick to my old Dyson v8 for now, which I got for like $350.

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