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5 Pieces of Chicken + Regular Chips $11.99 @ KFC


The Gimme 5 deal is back at KFC but has gone up $1 from the last time.

Grab 5 pieces of Secret Recipe Chicken and reg Chips for $11.99.

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  • yeah prices are going up for everything nowdays, bit annoying but gotta deal with it i guess?

  • +1

    This deal sounds good on paper but in reality the food is pretty ordinary. Last time we bought this we were regretting it on the second piece. Too much oil and salt.

    • agree, even the portion size, texas chicken offers much bigger portion size.

      • +2

        The KFC hot and spicy though…

  • +7

    bring back hot and spicy :(

    • -1

      Go to Manukau or Westgate

      • +1

        Last time I checked Manukau's stopped, Westgate too presumably.. just hot n spicy boneless these days

        • Oh really! I actually haven't been for a while because neither are close, what a loss!

          • @dealhunter: KFC no longer do and haven’t done Hot and Spicy chicken for quite a while. Except for the boneless stuff. If only Texas were closer I’d go there anyday over KFC.

  • +5

    About once a decade I think, 'You know - maybe I'll try KFC again'.

    I always regret it, and stay away for another decade or so, then rinse and repeat :-)

    • +1

      This is me as well, aside from boneless chicken. Somehow nowhere near as greasy/nasty, and actually quite good.

    • +3

      The best part of KFC is free IMO, the smell.

    • what you described is the "kfc remorse"

  • +5

    I tried KFC for this first time in about 7 years today with this coupon, somehow the chicken was stupidly oily, yet at the same time, the driest chicken I've had in a very long time.

    I had the skin, the rest of it went to the birds.

    • +1

      the birds are cannibals

      • +1

        it's only cannibalism if theyre the same species

        so unless he fed them to his chooks….

  • +1

    wonder when the double down will be back!

  • tegal takeouts chicken portions 1kg a pack (16$, 8$ on special), not sure how much 5 pieces of kfc weight is, doesnt sound too bad in my head though

    • Probably tastes better too!

  • Try your luck (Random reward)

  • Has anyone tried this recently ? The last time I used a survey code from there the cashier said it was invalid

    • My understanding is that the codes are only usable on the website specifically, also this is the website I normally use

      • Not sure about those numbers. I just did one survey and use the same number every time I go back, works for me.

    • +1

      All you have to do is go to the legit site, spam click submit and it lets you through without entering a code.

  • Does anyone know how to enter this code in the self serve checkouts? The promotion field the only accepts numbers…

    • +1

      Oh I had the same issue the other day. I hardly ever go to KFC and I was baffled, but then I just tried the code numbers without the letter prefix, PLU I think, or something like that, and it worked.

      • +1

        huh, so just type in 12 or 75812? I gotta try this in my next visit.

        • Yup worked for me like that

      • +1

        Tried today and just 12 worked. Thanks 👍

  • wen does this expire

    • The expiry date is up above

  • still valid until the 19/06

  • Considering an original piece on it's own is $3.99 it's a pretty good deal!

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